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What Is the Best WhatsApp Chatbot and How to Create Them?

Engati’s WhatsApp chatbots leverage AI and our proprietary NLP engine to intelligently interact with your customers. These chatbots can answer customer questions about your products and services, share content, drive sales, and send notifications regarding orders, payments, and shipping.

Operating over the WhatsApp Business API, these AI chatbots can engage with customers, employees, students, and other users intelligently, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Top 4 WhatsApp Chatbots for Free

1. Botpress


Botpress is an exceptional platform for building fully customizable customer support chatbots across multiple channels. With its intuitive flow builder and built-in AI, Botpress allows you to design custom workflows and integrate advanced AI capabilities into your chatbot.

Key Features:

Custom Training: Train your chatbot using custom data from your website and documents to ensure relevant and accurate responses.

AI Capabilities: Automatically translate messages, summarize conversations, and more, enhancing the user experience.

One-Click Deployment: Deploy your chatbot to any channel, including WhatsApp, with a single click, ensuring seamless engagement across multiple platforms.

Global Reach: The platform’s engine can translate content into over 100 languages, enabling you to launch your chatbot globally and connect with a diverse audience effortlessly.

Botpress simplifies the process of creating and deploying sophisticated chatbots, making it easy for businesses to provide exceptional customer support and engage users worldwide.

2. Tidio


Tidio is an all-in-one customer service platform tailored for small and medium businesses. It offers a variety of customer communication tools, including chatbots, live chat, and conversational AI. Tidio also features comprehensive WhatsApp integration, allowing seamless connection with your WhatsApp account and easy attachment of all your business information.

With Tidio, you can send automated messages via WhatsApp to potential customers, enhancing client satisfaction by instantly answering questions about order status, shipping, returns, and more. Additionally, Tidio detects existing customers based on their WhatsApp phone numbers, enabling personalized support.

Main Features:

Lyro: A conversational AI-powered chatbot.

WhatsApp Integration: Seamless connection with WhatsApp Business App for messaging.

Live Visitors Preview: Monitor and analyze the behavior of active users.

Chat Triggers: Create workflows and automate customer communication.

Multichannel Functionality: Manage all messages in one place.

Social Media Integrations: Connect with Facebook and Instagram.

3. Landbot


Landbot is a versatile chatbot and conversational AI landing page builder designed for lead generation and customer engagement across multiple platforms, including WhatsApp. It features dedicated WhatsApp automation functionality, allowing users to create marketing campaigns on the popular messaging platform with ease.

Landbot includes a powerful, no-code bot builder to help you implement a WhatsApp strategy seamlessly. Additionally, its opt-in widget enables the creation of a WhatsApp subscriber list, helping you grow your contact list for marketing messages, brand-related alerts, and notifications.


Predefined Templates: Offers web and WhatsApp templates for lead generation and chat surveys.

Team Collaboration: Provides an inbox for team members to manage numerous real-time chats and human agents.


Learning Curve: Can be steep and tricky for new users.

Complex Flows: Creating complex conversational flows with conditional logic can be challenging

4. Interakt


Interakt offers a range of features, including automated notifications and 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp chatbots, providing comprehensive support for businesses utilizing WhatsApp as a communication channel. The platform also offers green tick verification for WhatsApp business accounts, enhancing trust and authenticity in customer interactions.

However, it lacks the ability to create groups for team communication, which may limit internal collaboration. Users have also reported that the user interface (UI) could be improved, with occasional slow loading speeds and message delays.

How to Create WhatsApp Chatbots for Free?

When it comes to creating a WhatsApp bot, you have two options:

  • Code it yourself
  • Use a powerful, no-code chatbot platform

Building with a no-code platform like Engati is the smarter choice. Why go through the hassle of coding a chatbot when you can create one visually?

Our ready-to-implement WhatsApp chatbots cater to all industries and use cases, reducing your go-to-market time significantly.

Step 1: Pre-requisites for Deploying Chatbots on WhatsApp

Before deploying chatbots on WhatsApp, there are a few pre-requisites:

Access to WhatsApp Business API: WhatsApp provides access to these APIs through their authorized partners.

Verified Facebook Business Manager (FBM) Account: Ensure you have a verified FBM account.

Registered WhatsApp Business Phone Number: Register a phone number to serve as your WhatsApp Business phone number.

Phone Number Activation: WhatsApp will call this number for confirmation and activation of your WhatsApp Business Account. Ensure that the number can receive calls from the USA.

Step 2: Set Up and Connect Your WhatsApp Business Account on Engati

Navigate to the Deploy Tab:

In the Engati portal, go to the Deploy tab and select WhatsApp.

Choose Your Provider:

Select your provider from the drop-down menu. For the fastest setup, choose 360Dialog as your WhatsApp provider. This also allows you to create WhatsApp message templates for broadcast messages directly from the Engati portal.

Update Required Fields:

Phone Number: Enter your registered WhatsApp Business phone number.

API Key: Enter the API key provided by your WhatsApp Business API service provider.

Step 3: Configure WhatsApp

Add Your WhatsApp Business Number:

Enter your WhatsApp Business number in the phone number field.

Obtain Your WhatsApp Bot API Key:

If you’re following these steps to create your WhatsApp chatbot now, quickly fill out the provided form to receive your WhatsApp bot API key.

Save Changes:

Once you’ve added your mobile number and the WhatsApp bot API key, save the changes.

Step 4: Test Your WhatsApp AI Chatbot

Now that you’ve learned how to make a WhatsApp chatbot for business and entered all your details, you’re ready to test your WhatsApp AI chatbot.

Integration with Your Website

You might be wondering, ‘Can I integrate my WhatsApp bot into my website?’ The answer is yes.

Complete All Steps: Ensure you have completed all the previous steps.

Access HTML Code: Once everything is set up, you will receive the HTML code to add a WhatsApp chatbot widget to your website for free.

Get Additional Tools: You will also get your WhatsApp QR code and Click-to-chat WhatsApp link for easy sharing.

FAQs about WhatsApp Chatbot

Is it hard to create a WhatsApp chatbot?

The difficulty of setting up a WhatsApp chatbot depends on the tool you choose. Some platforms are very user-friendly and require no technical skills, while others may need more advanced technical knowledge for complex configurations.

How much does a WhatsApp chatbot cost?

WhatsApp chatbot prices vary widely. Basic chatbots can be free, but more advanced versions with extra features can cost several hundred dollars per month.

What is the best free WhatsApp chatbot?

The best free WhatsApp chatbot depends on your needs. Manychat and Chatfuel are popular options because they offer a wide range of features and are easy to use.

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