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Top 11 Undress AI Tools for Girl Photos Undressing [Free Testing]


Do you want to undress someone with her photo and see her nude? Or do you still endeavor to imagine how your dream girl would look like being naked? Now, with an undress AI tool, users can generate lifelike images of someone’s naked body simply from one photo.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the best free undress AI that fulfills your wildest fantasy. Additionally, we’ll provide insights into their features, and pricing to get you the best AI undresser.

🚀 What is Undress AI?

Undress AI refers to a program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms to manipulate or remove clothing from images or videos of individuals. It finds diverse applications across sectors like entertainment, education, art, and personal use.

The AI model is trained on a vast dataset of thousands of photos, ensuring it can render an accurate representation of what a person might look like without clothing. Users can register securely and anonymously for privacy. Simply upload an image, and the application swiftly processes it, delivering a high-quality result.

However, the use of such imagery has risks. These include challenges in maintaining confidentiality, ensuring the consent of the individuals involved, and following ethical considerations.

❗️Warning of AI Undress

Using undress AI tools can lead to ethical and legal issues due to their potential misuse for creating non-consensual content. Always prioritize ethical considerations and respect privacy and consent when using such tools.

Best Undress AI That Undress Any Girls Safe

PornX – Undress AI Porn🔥


PornX.ai is the best undress AI porn generator designed for removing clothing from images in a few clicks. Its features include an undressing AI, allowing users to select their preferred style for precise and rapid clothes removal. Besides, PornX distinguishes itself with its Telegram bot, ensuring no data storage, a blend of clothing removal and graphic design, and an immersive AI-driven experience.

Key Features:

  • The platform offers a variety of style options and custom advanced prompts, allowing users to guide the undress AI tech to create images and content.
  • With a user-friendly interface, PornX makes every feature easily accessible, from image generation to customization.
  • It encourages users to explore new boundaries of their fantasies by offering a unique blend of preset filters and custom prompts to create visual masterpieces.
  • Committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for users, it monitors content and user activity through automated tools and manual reviews.


  • 125 tokens/$4.99: Custom prompts, 1 undress AI nude=5 tokens;
  • 300 tokens/$9.99: Unlimited creations, Access to unique models and actions.

10 Undress AI Tools That Generate Girl Nudes from Photos

1. Nudify.online – Undress AI Nudes

Undress AI App

Nudify.online is an undress AI program that enables users to digitally nudifying girls from photos, enhancing image quality by adjusting age, body type, and image quality settings. The service is currently available without specified age restrictions, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Moreover, this AI undress tool offers a range of features, including a free service for users on a budget, extensive customization options for tailoring image results, rapid image processing, and the ability to generate not safe for work (NSFW) AI art quickly, making it a suitable choice for those interested in adult content creation.

Key Features:

  • Nudify.online provides customization options, allowing users to select parameters such as age, body type, and image quality.
  • The platform offers NSFW AI art generation, which has gained popularity among its users for its creative outputs.
  • The AI Undresser offers a freemium plan, making it accessible to users with budget constraints or those who prefer not to use paid AI applications.
  • The ability to generate undress AI nude quickly, normally takes less than 10 seconds.


  • Basic plan/$10 per month: medium quality, body type trait access, faster processing;
  • Pro plan/$15.99 per month: no queue, no watermark.

2. Undressing.io

undressing AI

Undressing.io is one of the best undress AI tools that uses cutting-edge AI to transform your fantasies into personalized images. Just describe your desires, and the AI generates custom images with intricate details. Unlike other platforms, Undressing.io caters to both men and women, thanks to its vast dataset. Using AI body tracking, it effortlessly identifies areas to undress based on poses and factors, ensuring a user-friendly experience in creating fantasy images.

Key Features:

  • The app uses a deep learning algorithm trained on a large dataset of images. This helps it recognize patterns and features related to clothing.
  • New users receive 60 credits for a free trial and can get even more through referrals.
  • The app specializes in digitally removing clothing from images, providing users with customized options and generating results in as fast as 10 seconds.


  • 10 photos/$6.99: Speed <1min, undress from text;
  • 90 photos/$14.99: High speed <10s, Prompt, Gender

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3. Pornjourney AI


Pornjourney AI stands out as an exceptional undress AI tool, crafting anime images and lifelike portraits of women from tags input. Meanwhile, it swiftly generates highly detailed images, offering users a myriad of options to personalize their creations.

Pornjourney offers several notable features. Users can upload girl photos, adjust clothing and backgrounds, and create personalized AI companions for interactive chats. As an Undressing AI generator, it efficiently removes clothing with realism. This ensures users precise control over body types and poses to perfect their AI art.

Key Features:

  • Access a wide array of adult content categories, fetishes, and sexual acts, catering to individual interests and desires.
  • Create and personalize undress AI porn, from body type to hair color, ensuring they match your unique preferences and fantasies.
  • Experience realistic and detailed erotic photos and videos in HD quality, thanks to PornJourney’s utilization of advanced AI and algorithms.
  • Enjoy a personalized adult entertainment experience as the AI learns and adjusts to your tastes, delivering content tailored specifically to your desires.


  • Free: Image generation, story writer, inpainting tool;
  • Premium/€14.99: Ultra-fast generation, Edit, Sexting, hentai, Video beta.

4. Xpictures.io

undress ai nude

Xpictures introduces a groundbreaking platform powered by artificial intelligence, notably featuring the undress AI generator. This sophisticated tool utilizes advanced machine learning techniques, particularly generative adversarial networks (GANs), to seamlessly transform clothed photos into lifelike nude images.

Key Features:

  • Its deepNude service specializes in creating highly detailed images, providing users with a realistic experience like no other.
  • Easily undress images from Instagram without downloads. Simply add the link to the Instagram account or the direct link to the image, and choose the desired quantity of images.
  • offers a wide range of parameters, including 50 unique models, over 100 adult actions, and a variety of filters to enhance your experience.
  • Discover the extensive AI porn gallery, boasting over 20,000 unique images for you to explore and enjoy.


  • Free: 1 free picture generation/day, 1 free picture undress/day
  • Advance/$19.99 per month: 900 tokens, Priority speed of undress (30 sec), Unique filters

5. Candy ai

ai that undress girls

Candy AI transforms digital companionship with advanced AI and human-like interaction. It lets users explore adult themes with NSFW image generation and immersive experiences through AI-powered undressing tools. With cutting-edge technology, Candy AI offers provocative scenarios for entertainment and exploration like never before.

Key Features:

  • Candy AI offers various character types, ranging from realistic to anime-like appearances.
  • From deep conversations to role-playing scenarios and voice messages, Candy AI aims to create genuine digital companionship experiences.
  • It offers a wide range of AI characters such as materialistic princesses, lifestyle influencers, manga lovers, yoga teachers, scientists, and more.
  • You can undress sexy AI virtual boys or girls by requesting photos that you have never dreamed of in real life.


  • $12.99/mo: Unlimited text messages, Get 100 FREE tokens/mo, Remove image blur, Generate images, voice messages.

6. Deepswap.ai

Deepswap is an image-generation tool that offers a compelling alternative to Undress AI, capable of producing realistic or animated images. It comes equipped with notable features, including an AI Image Generator powered for NSFW content. Additionally, it boasts an AI-driven girlfriend Generator, allowing users to create images of their ideal soulmates based on text and tags.

Furthermore, Deepswap provides extensive personalization options, enabling users to tailor the appearance, interests, and interactions of their virtual girlfriends to their preferences.

Key Features:

  • Deepswap stands out with its cutting-edge AI Face Swap video generator, allowing users to perform face swaps in high resolution effortlessly.
  • The platform organizes its output into navigable categories, offering filters for prominent, latest, and various styles such as hyper-realistic, anime, and lifelike.
  • Deepswap utilizes advanced AI and deep learning tech to enable face swapping in images and videos online.
  • With deepfake NSFW tech, users can upload nude photos and switch faces to get similar undress AI nudes.


  • $9.99/mo: 20 Credits per month, Max video 500M, Priority Processing, Max video length 10 mins.

7. DreamGF


DreamGf.ai introduces a cutting-edge AI-driven platform dedicated to crafting personalized virtual companions. Users can engage in conversations, tailor personalities, and even receive AI-generated images, all designed to simulate a realistic girlfriend experience. With a commitment to authenticity, DreamGf.ai offers diverse interactive features like chat, voice messaging, and a unique girlfriend generator, tailored to individual preferences for virtual relationships.

Operated on a subscription basis, DreamGf.ai offers multiple tiers with varying levels of access. Premium tiers unlock additional features, including NSFW content for users seeking deeper and more intimate interactions.

Key Features:

  • The AI undressing platform enables users to establish virtual relationships, particularly with virtual girlfriends, at no cost.
  • Users can create and personalize AI girlfriends on DreamGF.ai, tailoring their appearance, interests, and interactions. 
  • Apart from text and voice messages, users can ask their girlfriends to remove clothes and send their nude pics.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring an engaging and customized experience for users.


  • Bronze/$9.99 per month: 25 girls, 150 extra images, 1500 messages;
  • Silver/$19.99 per month: 60 girls, 400 extra images, 5000 messages.

8. Undress.app – Undress AI App

Undress.app is an innovative AI tool redefining image customization with its unique ability to undress images. Powered by cutting-edge AI models, this advanced Nudifier offers users a myriad of customization options, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience with its rapid processing capabilities. Upholding user privacy and data security as paramount, it assures users of no data storage, prioritizing confidentiality.

Available for free with additional features accessible through premium subscription tiers, Undress.app remains committed to ethical usage and consent. Despite potential misuse and privacy concerns, when employed responsibly, this undresser AI stands as a pioneering solution with transformative applications across diverse industries.

Key Features:

  • This undress AI app offers fast processing capabilities and allows users to personalize their images by selecting age and body type, ensuring tailored high-quality manipulated nude images.
  • Lets you pick which parts of an image you want to change and gives you 10 free tries. That’s more than other apps usually offer.
  • With prices starting from a free package, the AI undress app ensures cost-efficient image processing.

9. DeepNudify.com


DeepNudify.com stands out as a pioneering deepnude platform utilizing advanced AI tech to generate realistic nude images from clothed photos. As a web-based application, it offers seamless functionality without requiring any downloads. Users can simply upload an image, and within just 60 seconds, DeepNudify’s powerful generator transforms it into a deep nude version.

Key Features:

  • DeepNudify offers two distinct algorithms, Nudifier 1 and Nudifier 2, catering to different body types and preferences.
  • Enjoy fast results, with images transformed within 60 seconds of upload.
  • DeepNudify provides a refund policy for cases involving unsatisfactory source images, ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • The deepnude tool offers both free and paid subscription options, accommodating diverse user needs and preferences.

Key Features and Limitations of Undress AI

  • Features of Undress AI
User-FriendlyUndress AI tool’s intuitive interface empowers users to effortlessly generate images with just a few clicks.
TrustworthyAI undresser prioritizes user privacy. It refrains from saving image data and allows for anonymous registration, ensuring a secure and confidential experience.
Customization Optionsundress AI provides an array of customization choices, enabling users to select age, body type, and image quality for their undressed creations.
  • Limitations
Limited Free PlanThe free plan offers minimal options, including just 10 credits and no customization features.
Risk of Generating Poor ResultsThere is a chance of generating unsatisfactory results and regenerating costs extra credits, potentially leading to additional expenses.
Customization OptionsEven the pro plan has limited customization options, offering only body type and age choices. In comparison to alternatives that allow for more extensive image customization based on prompts.

FAQs about AI Undress

1. Is Undress AI safe?

Sure, undress AI program does not save any data. It is entirely confidential, and your actions are not published anywhere.

2. Is Undress AI Real?

No. It uses AI algorithms to generate lifelike undress AI nude, but it is not real.

3. What if you get a bad result?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a good result every time. The outcome largely depends on the photo you use and how you paint over the clothes.

4. Is Undress AI an app?

Undress.app is a web application. However, it does not have a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

5. Does Undress AI Work?

The effectiveness of Undress AI tool depends on your specific needs and preferences. Most of the time, it generates excellent AI undress nudes with well-developed AI technology.


AI tools like Undress AI showcase the impressive potential of artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms in image generation and transformation. They open up exciting opportunities for creative endeavors, entertainment, and research. However, these tools also bring to the forefront notable ethical concerns concerning potential misuse and privacy infringements.

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