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Top 10 AI Deepfake Apps in 2024 [Free and Paid]


Deepfake app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to manipulate one person’s face or likeness onto another one’s body in videos/photos. This innovative technology empowers deepfake generators to fulfill sexual fantasies by creating lifelike content.

However, it is difficult to choose a suitable AI deepfake website. In this article, we will explore the 10 best deepfake creators that allow you to generate an AI deepfake videos and images.

The Simplicity of Making AI Deepfake

❗️Warning of AI Deepfake

Using AI deepfake makers can lead to ethical and legal issues due to their potential misuse for creating non-consensual content. Always prioritize ethical considerations and respect privacy and consent when using such tools. We do not promote AI deepfake and Google is removing this type of content!

If you want to create your deepfake, you will find that it is scarily easy. People believe that this process consists of endless streams of algorithms that cannot be cracked. The bottom line is that you don’t have to be an expert to create deepfake. This type of content is created using just two algorithms that overlap each other. The first one is called the generator and the second one is called the discriminator. The first creates the videos and the second checks their authenticity online.

Also, if you are using any of the deep fake creator tools online, you already know that they are completely run by artificial intelligence. Therefore, your involvement in the process of creation of deepfake is minimal. All you need to do is choose the video and the face you want to see in it and let the AI do the work. This AI software’s work is simple and efficient because it can make any scene turn into a work of art that no one has done or seen before. Mainly, people use a deepfake generator to create deep fake so let’s see which apps would be the best for you to use.

Best Online Deepfake Website for GIF/Image/Video

Deepfake Content CreatorPriceBest for
1. Deepswap$9.99/MoDeepfake generator in GIF/Video/Photo
2. Newface$19.99Faceswap from provided videos
3. P*rnX.ai$4.99/125 tokensAI video and Hardcore action
4. MyDeepFake$49.99/5 videosHigh-quality deepfake video
5. DeepnudeNow$9.99/MoDeepnude generator
6. Soulgen$9.99/MoOnline Deepfake maker
7. Deepfake Web$4/HourDeepfake video generator
8. Deepfake.app$19/100 creditsDeepfake app
9. Swapstream$19/100 creditsReal-time live streaming
10. P*rnjourney$12.99/MoAI girl platform

Deepswap – Deepfake Video/Image/Gif

deepfake creator

Deepswap is a top-tier AI deepfake maker that leaves you speechless by offering a hassle-free and immersive experience. Simply go to the website through any web browser. Within a few clicks, users can dive into the world of AI deepfakes.

While Deepswap boasts a user-friendly interface, its true strength lies in its remarkable capabilities as a deepfake maker. It lets users swap multiple faces in photos, captivating GIFs, and horny videos that you upload.

If you are looking for a fast-generation tool, Deepswap only takes seconds to finish the process while others may take up to hours for a video.

Key Features:

  • Offers adult deep fake in different formats of output.
  • Supports various file formats.
  • Enables multi-face swapping at one time.
  • Fast-processing time in one minute.

How to Make Deepfake?

1️⃣: Firstly, visit Deepswap.ai and go to the Create page from the top bar menu.


2️⃣: Upload a file (video/image/GIF) you want to make adult deepfake.

3️⃣: Add a face picture for later use. Then choose it when the system finishes the recognition.


4️⃣: Finally, click the Create blue button. Now you can enjoy and download your creation.


Other 9 Deepfake AI Makers for Realistic Content

1. Newface


Newface is one of the best deepfake generators that enable users to faceswap any video in the highest quality and achieve realistic video with the uploaded face.

With the amazing technology, newface.com allows users to pick a video from its library of videos and upload any face to generate deepfake videos.

Key Features:

  • A very comfortable user interface for a clean & convenient experience.
  • Will be rewarded with a free second trial if the uploaded face is undetected.
  • The data is fully encrypted and the anonymity of the user is protected.
  • Realistic and seamless deepfake results with advanced algorithms.

2. P*rnX.ai 🔥


P*rnX stands as a free AI video maker, revolutionizing the creation of customized adult content. Users can effortlessly generate high-quality videos and images from tags and prompts. One standout feature of P*rnX.ai is that it supports a wide range of hardcore action tags, which is not usually seen in other makers. Besides, it offers edit images features, allowing users to remove clothes from uploaded photos or swap faces on the AI-generated images.

Key Features:

  • Top-rated AI platform for generating explicit content without any cost, providing users with a seamless experience.
  • The inpainting tool allows users to make deepfake by editing bodies and faces after the generation.
  • A multitude of styles and features such as hardcore, hentai, and futa are designed to enhance and diversify the generated images.

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3. MyDeepFake


As the name shows, Mydeepfake is a club where you can make adult videos of your own or anyone you like. Its network has been trained with hundreds of thousands of different photos and videos. If you have several high-quality photos, the result will closely resemble the original. With this tool, you can fuck a stepmother, a strict boss, or a horny nurse in a like-like video!

All you need is a picture of the person’s face you want to feature in the video, a video scene available on the site, and some time for processing. After the rendering process, you’ll have a unique video that closely resembles the original, requiring little imagination to believe it’s real.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly simple to use, making AI deepfake accessible to a wider audience.
  • Boasts a highly refined algorithm that ensures swift video rendering.
  • Efficient face-swapping supports multiple angles, enhancing the realism of the generated content.
  • MyDeepFake is set to launch a VR video creation service for immersive experience, a feature yet to be implemented by competing software.

4. DeepnudeNow


DeepnudeNow is a free deepfake maker that can nudify anyone by uploading photos in a few seconds. It consists of only one page, making it a user-friendly website for creating deepfake images.

The website offers free services, but there are also premium features available for a fee. To access these additional features, a minimum payment of $4.99/day is required.

This tool is perfect for beginners due to its user-friendly nature and flexible pricing options. Whether you prefer a monthly, weekly, or even daily payment plan, the tool accommodates your needs and allows you to explore deepfake creation at your own pace.

5. Soulgen


Soulgen stands out as a leading online deepfake app that produces hyperrealistic art. With its easy-to-use interface, you can seamlessly create images of what someone looks like, which has a similar effect to face swap.

What sets Soulgen.ai apart is its abundant features. It helps users create AI realistic or anime-style girls from text input. Meanwhile, Another standout feature allows you to in-paint or outpaint any images which will activate your creativity and imagination.

Last but not least, this AI deepfake generator offers the convenience of accessibility directly through your web browser. This ensures a hassle-free experience while enjoying the platform’s advanced features.

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6. Deepfake Web


Deepfakes Web is a web-based service that empowers users to create captivating deepfake videos effortlessly. With the power of deep learning, this deepfake maker effectively analyzes and comprehends the intricate nuances of facial data.

When you utilize Deepfakes Web, the learning and training phase lasts about 4 hours, during which the system learns from both videos and images. After the model is trained, it takes an extra 30 minutes to smoothly swap the faces in the content. With the free version, you can expect the final deepfake video to be ready in approximately 5 hours.

Despite utilizing powerful GPUs on the cloud, the rendering process may still require several hours to complete. However, if you’re interested in exploring deepfake video creation for research purposes in the realm of computer vision, it provides a suitable avenue for experimentation.

7. Deepfake.app

Deepfake app stands out as one of the most powerful generators. The cutting-edge deepfake technology and easy-to-use interface only take a few seconds to make your dream come true. With this deepfake generator, you can be a handsome boy fucking a horny star in every scene. Meanwhile, you can change the body or switch the face of an AI-generated one, watching her being fucked in movies. The disadvantage is that sometimes the deep fake video may lack authenticity even if it costs you time and money in the end.

8. Deepnudeonline.com

Another amazing deepfake generator is Deepnudeonline.com. This is a site that uses algorithms to create AI deep fake videos and you will be satisfied from the get-go. There is no need to download the app and you can use it on the run. All you need to do is upload your image or video and paste the face of anyone on it. After a short time, you will finally get to see what your deepfake content looks like.

9. Deepnude.to 

Most tools to create deepfake online come with both free and premium plans. This is true for Deepnude.to as well. As a free member, you can create five different deep fake images or videos and it will cost you nothing. However, if you choose to pay $19.99 per month, you will get unlimited images, no ads, no watermarks, and a whole range of extensive features that Deepnude.to comes with. It is a tool worth trying out and you can even pay for it in Bitcoin.

Deepfake Maker Reddit

For those who like to join in the discussion about deepfake on Reddit, we recommend this subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/nsfwaitools/comments/16gml8b/looking_for_deepfake_p*rn_makers/

Final Thoughts- Use Deepfake Creator Safely

As you can see, creating your own deep fake video or image can be pleasing and, on top of it all, extremely simple. All you have to do is pick the right tool to create it. AI runs all of the tools at your disposal and it doesn’t make any mistakes aesthetically. You will end up creating perfect content.

The best pick right now is Deepswap.ai as the frontrunner in this deep fake online race. Use its features as best as you can and you will see just how simple and efficient your experience can be. You can create your library of images, videos, and GIFs from movies, TV series, and music videos. It is but a small price to pay for greatness, don’t you think? Start running the show now!

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