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Top 5 AI Celebrity Voice Generators You Won’t Miss 2024

Achieving the voice of a celebrity without the aid of a celebrity AI voice tool is nearly impossible. Thankfully, there are celebrity voice changers available that can make your wish a reality. So, in this guide, we’ll unveil the top 5 celebrity voice changer & generator tools, ultimately recommending the best option for you.

What is an AI Celebrity Voice Generator?

An AI celebrity voice generator is a powerful tool designed to convert text into spoken words, utilizing the voices of celebrities or other recognizable figures. Utilizing advanced APIs and deep learning algorithms, these generators meticulously analyze input text and generate audio output that closely mirrors the speech patterns and vocal nuances of the selected celebrity.

This cutting-edge technology empowers users to create voice recordings that exhibit remarkable lifelikeness, enhancing a wide array of applications including voiceovers, audio messages, and entertainment content.

Top 5 AI Celebrity Voice Generators, Ranked

1. Fakeyou


Fakeyou Text to Speech is an online celebrity voice generator text-to-speech tool, offering users a diverse array of characters to select from. Powered by top-tier speech synthesis technology, this tool enables users to customize the speed, tone, and pitch of the voice output to suit their preferences.

Key Features:

High-Quality Speech Synthesis: Fakeyou Text to Speech utilizes advanced speech synthesis technology to provide users with high-quality voice output.

Wide Range of Characters: Users can choose from a broad selection of characters, providing versatility and flexibility in voice selection.

User-Friendly Interface: The tool boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of navigation and utilization of its features.

Adjustable Parameters: Users have the flexibility to adjust various parameters such as speed, tone, and pitch, allowing for personalized voice output.


High-Quality Speech Synthesis: Provides realistic and clear voice output through high-quality speech synthesis technology.

Diverse Selection of Characters: Offers a wide variety of characters to cater to different preferences and needs.


Limitations in Free Version: The free version may have limitations such as waiting times for results and a restricted selection of characters.

Expensive Paid Version (Plus): Some users may find the paid version (Plus) to be costly.

Text Length Limitations in Free Version: The free version imposes restrictions on the length of input text that can be converted, potentially limiting usage for longer texts or scripts.

2. Vidnoz


Vidnoz presents a free AI celebrity voice generator, offering users the ability to effortlessly replicate the voices of celebrities or any desired voice. Above all, this user-friendly tool simplifies AI-generated voice cloning with its quick and straightforward process.

Key Features of Vidnoz’s AI Celebrity Voice Generator:

Diverse Celebrity Voices: Access a wide range of AI celebrity voices, including renowned figures like Obama, ensuring authenticity in your content. Vidnoz supports multiple languages and provides its services completely free of charge.

Personalized Voice Cloning: Should your desired voice not be available, Vidnoz enables you to create a personalized celebrity voice clone. This can be achieved by uploading an audio sample, inputting text, or recording your own voice.

Additional Features: Alongside its AI celebrity voice generator, Vidnoz offers a variety of other tools such as an AI headshot generator, AI face swapper tool, deepfake generator, AI text-to-speech tool, and more.

How to Generate a Celebrity Voice Using Vidnoz:

Account Creation: Start by creating an account on the Vidnoz platform.

Select Celebrity Voice: Choose your desired celebrity voice, input the text you wish to be spoken, and adjust settings like speed and language.

Edit and Download: After making any necessary adjustments, initiate the voice generation process by clicking the “change voice” button. Once complete, you can download the generated voice following a brief waiting period.

3. Murf.ai


Murf.ai stands out as a robust online tool for text-to-speech conversion, offering users a seamless experience with its intuitive interface and array of features.

Key Features:

20 Languages Supported: Murf.ai caters to a global audience by supporting text-to-speech conversion in 20 languages, ensuring accessibility worldwide.

Natural-Sounding Voices: The platform offers a selection of natural-sounding voices, both male and female, enhancing the authenticity and clarity of speech output.

Customizable Pitch and Speed: Users enjoy the flexibility to customize the pitch and speed of the generated speech, allowing for personalized audio outputs.


Natural-Sounding Voices: Murf.ai provides engaging and natural-sounding voices.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform features a simple, intuitive interface for easy navigation.

Multi-Language Support: With support for 20 languages, Murf.ai accommodates diverse linguistic needs.


Limited Functionality in Free Version: The free version lacks download functionality, restricting users from saving converted audio files.

No PDF Support: Murf.ai does not support PDF files for text-to-speech conversion, limiting its compatibility with certain document formats.

Pricing Considerations: Some users may find the basic subscription price of $19 per month relatively expensive compared to similar services.

4. VoxBox

VoxBox offers cutting-edge speech synthesis technology, allowing users to immerse themselves in celebrity-like voices for their videos without resorting to the low-quality effects commonly found in standard voice changers.

With VoxBox, users can effortlessly adjust their voice pitch and speed or add effects like echo or dryness.

Dedicated to creating and enjoying parodies, VoxBox prides itself on originality, with no reliance on celebrity names, voices, or recordings. User-generated content contributes to both the platform’s advancement and the creation of user voices.

VoxBox emphasizes that it is not affiliated with or endorsed by any celebrities or individuals parodied in its content for AI-generated celebrity voices. Any use of trade names or trademarks is purely for identification and reference purposes, without implying any connection to the actual trademark holder.

5. Media.io

Harness the power of advanced AI technology with Media.io to replicate the voices of renowned personalities such as Adele, Drake, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump.

What’s more, it’s entirely free! Media.io’s AI celebrity voice generator tool accurately mimics famous voices, ensuring you sound just like the real deal, free from any robotic effects. Give it a try and discover how effortlessly you can imitate your favorite celebrity’s voice!

Advantages of AI Celebrity Voice Generator

An AI celebrity voice generator offers numerous benefits beyond simple imitation or amusement. While it can indeed be entertaining to hear a familiar voice reciting the text, the technology serves several practical purposes:

Personalized Gifts: Presenting a friend or loved one with a personalized message in the voice of their favorite celebrity can be a heartfelt and distinctive gesture that brightens their day.

Content Creation: Content creators can leverage celebrity voice generators to infuse their videos, podcasts, or advertisements with a sense of familiarity and excitement, thereby augmenting audience engagement and retention.

Accessibility: For individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer audio content, incorporating celebrity voices into voice-assisted applications or audiobooks can offer a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Voiceover Projects: Professionals in the entertainment industry, such as filmmakers, game developers, and advertisers, can employ celebrity voice generators to craft captivating voiceovers for their projects without the expense of hiring costly talent.

 AI Celebrity Voice Generator FAQs

1. What is an AI celebrity voice generator?

An AI celebrity voice generator is a tool that employs artificial intelligence to replicate the voices of well-known personalities or celebrities. It enables users to convert text into spoken words using the voice of their favorite celebrities for various purposes, including entertainment, content creation, or personalization.

2. Are there any free AI celebrity voice generators available online?

Yes, there are several free AI celebrity voice generators accessible online, such as Fineshare. These platforms provide users with access to a diverse array of celebrity voices at no cost, allowing them to integrate celebrity-like voices into their projects or conversations effortlessly.

3. How can I utilize an AI celebrity voice generator to mimic a celebrity’s voice?

To mimic a celebrity’s voice using an AI celebrity voice generator, simply follow these steps:

Choose a reputable AI celebrity voice generator platform like iMyFone MagicMic.

Select your desired celebrity voice from the available options.

Speak into the microphone while utilizing the chosen celebrity voice filter.

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