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Top 7 AI Tools For Sex Chatbots in 2024

Artificial intelligence has found its way into every pore of today’s society and, yes, the adult entertainment industry is not bereft of this joy. We all know that ChatGPT has strict rules against creating sex AI content and many people thought that this would never happen. However, there is an increase in creating AI chatbots that can communicate with you in a dirty way and create this fantastic sense of flirty illusion. Also, there are other ways in which AI sex content can be created and one of them is text-to-image creation on some of the best AI NSFW generators. We are here to show you some of the best AI chatbots you can use and others that will turn your imagination on.

Top 8 AI For Sex (Chatbots and More)

Sexual content can be created in various ways whether you are using an AI sex chatbot or an AI sex art generator. Here is the list of the best tools you can use if you have the need for a sexual outflow coming from your brain stems.

1. SoulGen

AI sex

The first tool on our list is called SoulGen. It is a text-to-image AI generator that can turn anything you write into a fantastic piece of art. It has the power to create realistic images and anime-like soulmates in a manner of seconds. For only $9.99 a month, you can use limitless opportunities that this tool offers such as its prompts, styles, priority queues, etc.


Freedom in creating AI NSFW art

Amazing realistic and animated art

Countless prompts and words can be used

Cheap monthly membership

Generate AI soulmate images


No free trial

Limited credits per month

2. Juicebox SlutBot

SoulGen is great if you want to create your own NSFW AI art but if you want to have a dirty conversation, you might as well try Juicebox SlutBot. It is a chatbot whose sole purpose is to enrich your sex life by talking dirty to you and exchanging messages. It is perfect for sexting and expanding your views on it. Just share your mobile phone with SlutBot and you can start sexting for free.


Free dirty sexting chatbot

Not only about sex but also about feelings

Lots of satisfied customers

Explore your biggest turn-ons

Master your sexting skills


You still don’t get to have sex

Lots of blue balls pending

3. ThoughtScreen – Screen Sex With Person

Finding a free AI sex bot is not easy but it is not impossible. If you know where to search, you will eventually end up on Screen Sex With Person from ThoughtScreen. This is a place where you can chat with a sexbot for free and share your feelings. You can write anything there for free and the AI bot will reply instantly. It is hard work to get them to be really dirty but it is worth the wait.


Free sex chat with a chatbot

No time limit

Easy interface

You can write anything you want


The AI is not the brightest

Not the dirtiest bot out there

4. Aitrepreneur Discord Server

If you want to feel like a member of a sexting community, Aitrepreneur Discord Server is the right place for you! It is a place where people upload their sex AI chat bots and share them with others. Here, you can download any chatbot you like and start a conversation with it. It is free to use, all you need to do is verify your email address. The bots are various and you can even upload yours.


A vast NSFW community

Share your own AI chatbot

Download any AI sexbot from the server

Free to use (after registration)

A thriving community that never sleeps


Have to share your information

This can be confusing at first

Not friendly or easy for beginners

5. BotMake SexBots


There are many websites where you can pick a sex bot and chat with them or create your own bot for that use. One such site is BotMake SexBots. This is where you can interact with hundreds of different AI bots already created or you can create your own chatbot and interact with it. The bots on this site are both anime and realistic so you can pick your poison. It is completely free and you can use it as much as you want.


Hundreds of sexbots to choose from

Realistic and animated bots

Helpful commands and prompts

Some bots take the form of famous pornstars

No limit to your interactions



A little hard to find

6. MyAnima Girlfriend


What you have in front of yourself is a chance to create your perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. MyAnima Girlfriend is a spectacular site where you can share your pronouns, choose a virtual iGirl for yourself, and customize her to your liking. You can pick all the important filters for her and start chatting as soon as possible. This is all for $7.99 a month and the price is really affordable for what this site offers.


Create and customize your iGirl

Various customization options

Gorgeous 3D iGirl models

A simple process of registration

Cheap monthly membership


Only two personality traits available

No free trial

7. Replika


Finally, here is yet another place where you can create your companion and feel less lonely. On a site called Replika, you can customize and create your own soulmate, girlfriend, or simply someone you can chat with and share your emotions with. This site focuses more on empathy than on dirty talk and it is available for PC and any mobile device you have.


Create your own male or female companion

AI in its full glory

Focus on empathy

Your information and chats are safe

Use it on any device


Less realistic characters

Not as dirty as the others

People Also Ask about Sex AI

1. What Is The AI Chatbot for Sex Talk?

AI chatbot for sex talk is an AI-generated bot who you can share your feelings with, start a naughty conversation, and spend a lot of time sexting and exchanging dirty messages. These AI chat personas are popular and many people use them to get horny, practice their sexting techniques, or simply feel less lonely.

2. What Is The Best AI Chat App?

If you are looking for chatting that is not related to sex, ChatGPT is the absolute winner of any discussion. However, if you want some dirty messages from your chatbot, you can try bots like SlutBot, Replika, Aitrepreneur, MyAnima, and any other chatbot from the list we have shown you.

3. Is AI Sex Real?

Everyone knows that you can’t have real sex with a chatbot or on any of the websites you have seen. However, AI sex is real because it helps you create NSFW content easily and it will never thwart your attempts at doing so. The world of AI sex is yet to be explored but the world is already accepting it as its own.

To Conclude

As you have seen, there are many different ways in which you can enjoy AI sex and AI chat bots. If you visit any of the sites we have shown you, you will end up picking or creating your own iCompanion who will be there for you anytime you need it. Also, you can create your own sex soulmates on sites like SoulGen and then transfer them to any chatbot website. The world of AI sex possibilities is endless. You need to start exploring it now.

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