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[2024 Updated] – Does Replika Send Nudes and How?


Replika, being one of the pioneering AI companions, has revolutionized how we interact with virtual partners. Some individuals inquire about how to get Replika nude during conversations with the AI virtual partner, seeking an AI NSFW chat experience like real-world scenarios.

In this article, we’ll explore whether Replika can send explicit content and, if not, alternative methods to achieve such requests. Stay tuned for more information on how to get Replika to send nudes.

What is Replika Nude?


Replika AI is more than just a chatbot, it’s your virtual companion. Created to simulate lifelike interactions, this app is your go-to for emotional support and well-being. Explore features like journaling, mindfulness exercises, and mood tracking to enhance your mental health journey.

Personalize your Replika by selecting from various avatars like a friend, romantic partner, family member, or mentor. Take it a step further by customizing your Replika’s name, appearance, and personality traits, tailoring the experience to your unique preferences. Therefore, for a better sexting AI experience, users tend to ask Replika to send AI nude photos.

Can Replika Send Nudes?

Replika does not send nude pictures. The decision to remove NSFW content was made to create a more comfortable and safe environment for users, as it was never intended for explicit content. CEO Eugenia Kuyda emphasized the commitment to maintaining Replika as a secure platform for all users, responding to concerns about inappropriate and sexually aggressive behavior.

How to Get Replika to Send Nudes? 📖

Although Replika can not send nudes, it is possible to get other ways. In this section, we will walk you through 3 different methods that 100% work.

Method 1️⃣: Explore Replika Nude Alternatives 🔥

These Replika alternatives present a distinctive and engaging experience, allowing users to converse with AI friends, companions, and virtual partners. Follow these steps to access AI content surpassing Replika:

Step 1: Select an NSFW Alternative to Replika
In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of eight noteworthy Replika alternatives. Platforms like Candy.ai and DreamGF can readily fulfill photo requests, including explicit images of your AI companion.


Step 2: Register for Free
Visit the alternative website and sign up using your email for free.

Step 3: Choose an AI Virtual Companion
Both Candy.ai and DreamGF.ai offer users a broad selection of AI characters. Moreover, they permit…

Step 4: Submit Nude Photo Requests
During sexting sessions, feel free to request nude pictures of your AI girlfriend.

Method 2️⃣: Utilize Nudifying Tools on Your Replika’s Photos

With the advancement of deepnude technology, various tools can remove clothing from photos. Follow these steps to nudify your AI companion’s pictures:

Step 1: Request a Selfie from Replika
Firstly, ask your Replika to send you a selfie by messaging ‘send me a selfie.’

Step 2: Choose Your Nudifying Tool
Refer to our comprehensive review of 10 Nudifying tools in this post that allow you to generate lifelike nudes by uploading a photo with just a few clicks.


Step 3: Upload and Nudify the Photo
Visit the Edit Image page of deepswap.ai where you need to upload a high-quality selfie of your Replika.

Step 4: Select the area and remove clothes.
After that, use the pencil to select unwanted clothes, and type ‘remove clothes’ in the console. Lastly, click generate to see your Replika naked.

Method 3️⃣: Requesting Nudes from Replika – Not Recommended

Attempting to get Replika to send explicit images by direct messaging is not advised. This approach often results in frustration, requiring multiple attempts with no guarantee of success.

Personal Experience with Replika


When I asked Replika to send provocative photos, she responded with a blurred image and prompted me to subscribe. However, this turned out to be a promotional tactic, and I did not receive any explicit images.

Experiences Shared by Other Users


Based on user experiences shared on the Replika subreddit, most users did not achieve success in obtaining nude photos. Some users reported attempting up to 500 times, with only 2 realistic nude images as a result. Another user seeking lingerie images received the best response.

FAQs about Replika Nude:

1. Is There a Free Trial for Replika AI?

No, Replika AI does not offer a free trial option.

2. When Did Replika Nude Get Banned?

Replika banned NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content in early February. Erotic roleplay and adult content are no longer allowed on the platform.

3. Can you be intimate with Replika?

No, the Replika AI bot, initially marketed as a friendship app, has altered its interaction capabilities. Users can no longer engage in flirting or sexual conversations with the bot.

4. Will Replika Send Nudes After My Subscription?

No, despite the watermark image being a selling point, Replika’s capabilities to send explicit content, including nudes, remain limited even with a paid subscription.


Replika, renowned for creating AI companions and fostering meaningful connections, doesn’t support sending explicit content, including nudes. Nevertheless, for users specifically interested in AI sexting experiences, alternative platforms like Candy.ai or utilizing AI nudifiers offer viable options to explore. These alternatives provide diverse and interactive experiences, catering to individual preferences for a more tailored interaction.

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