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How to Use Soulgen- A Beginners’ Guide in 2024


Have you imagined effortlessly making images of your ideal soulmate from mere text descriptions? Or editing images with simple text commands, without requiring any drawing skills. If this is your interest, Soulgen could be a good solution for you.

In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into Soulgen.ai, an impressive generative AI website designed for creating and modifying images from textual descriptions. Discover what sets Soulgen apart, explore its key features, and find top alternatives. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking detailed insights, we’ve got all your questions covered!

What Is Soulgen.ai?

soulgen ai

Soulgen, as the name shows, is an AI soulmate generator that is capable of creating images of anime and real girls from text inputs or selected tags. In addition, users can With ease, input text prompts or select from pre-existing tags to tailor the appearance of the generated characters, allowing you to fashion your dream companion within seconds. Notably, this web-based tool requires no installations or registrations, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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4 Main Features You Should Know

  • A. Text to NSFW Image Generation

Soulgen is first known for its text-to-image generation, offering two distinct styles: anime and real life. This versatile feature empowers you to create soulmates from text, including the creation of NSFW content.

  • Photos/Images Inpainting- Deepnude and More

SoulGen AI goes a step further by providing an AI image editing feature, enabling users to modify images through AI inpainting. With basic text prompts, users can seamlessly add, extend, or remove elements from their images. Many users use it to undress girls from photos, as it can remove clothes with stunning results.

  • Create a Portrait of Someone Lookalike:

This powerful feature allows users to upload a reference photo and instruct the AI to generate a photorealistic girl resembling a specific individual. This function proves valuable for creating characters reminiscent of celebrities or acquaintances. For those interested in face-swapping with celebrities, this article presents a comprehensive guide to finding the most suitable one for your needs.

  • Explore Never-Ending Images

Unlock the potential to transform your images beyond your wildest imagination through AI Outpainting. With this feature, you can effortlessly resize your images and employ text prompts to introduce fresh elements, including backgrounds, characters, and much more. It’s the perfect tool for elevating your images and crafting entirely new and captivating scenes.

How to Use Soulgen NSFW AI?

1. Access the SoulGen AI Platform: Visit the SoulGen AI website or open the SoulGen AI app on your device, ensuring a stable internet connection.

2. Enter Description: In the provided input box, describe the features you desire in the generated image. You can specify details like hairstyles, clothing styles, and facial features.

3. Customize Images: Further refine the generated images by adjusting specific properties, including style, colors, and other visual elements.

4. Generate Image: Click the “Generate” button to initiate the image generation process. SoulGen AI utilizes its deep learning algorithm to create an image based on your input.

5. Review and Refine Results: Take a moment to review the generated images. If necessary, you can provide feedback or make additional adjustments.

6. Download or Save the Image: Once you’re satisfied with the resulting image, you can download or save it to your device. Enjoy your customized creation!

Pricing of Soulgen: Free or Paid?


The pricing structure for the SoulGen AI image generator, as listed on the official website, operates on a credit-based system. Users have the option to acquire credits for generating AI images. The cost of these credits is subject to variation, often with discounts offered for larger credit bundles.

As of September 2023, the pricing details on the SoulGen website are as follows:

  • 1-Month Plan: Subscribers can access this plan for $9.99.
  • 12-Month Plan: Available for subscription at $69.99.

Payment Method:

  • Credit/debit cards or Paypal.

2 Best Alternatives for Free

1. Deepswap

DeepSwap is an online tool specializing in face swapping for videos, GIFs, and photos, all accomplished in mere seconds. This website excels in creating exceptionally lifelike face swap videos, showcasing individuals in entirely new scenarios. Additionally, DeepSwap offers a swift generation of stunning anime and lifelike girl images.

2. Pornderful.ai

soulgen alternative

Pornderful.ai is a website where users can create personalized AI-generated adult content images. This platform leverages artificial intelligence technology to enable users to generate and tailor adult content images to their preferences. Furthermore, users have the option to save and access their exclusive AI models.

FAQs about Soulgen

1. Is Soulgen Free?

Soulgen offers a free trial for 3 image generation per day. However, the free images have a watermark. Users can buy a premium plan to unlock pro benefits.

2. How Does Soulgen Work?

Soulgen AI uses advanced deep learning to create unique anime-style or realistic girl portraits from text. It continuously learns from vast image datasets, translating text prompts into striking visuals. Users can customize their ideal companions with ease.

3. Is Soulgen Safe to Use?

Soulgen AI prioritizes your data privacy, with no storage or sharing of your images. Please review their terms of service and privacy policy before use. Also, consider the ethical implications and consent when using AI-generated images.


SoulGen helps you to create anime and real-life images from text with ease and creativity. It is time to explore its user-friendly interface and unlock its immense value. Moreover, you can dive in at the official website for a firsthand experience, stay updated via social media, and join a vibrant community of fellow AI image enthusiasts.

Plus, we showed you two top-notch alternatives to SoulGen, or you can explore further options in our article: “8 AI Porn Generators” for even more artistic inspiration.

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