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How to Make AI Cartoon Meme for Free – 100% Working

AI cartoon meme play a multifaceted role in today’s online communication, serving as tools for entertainment, emotional expression, and social interaction. They are becoming increasingly popular and innovative in how people interact with friends in chats.

Tired of endlessly scrolling through social media in search of funny cartoon memes? Ready to create your unique memes instead? Look no further! Stay tuned and follow the tutorial below to effortlessly craft an AI cartoon meme and bring some laughter to the world!

Best Way to Make AI Cartoon Meme for Free


To create cartoon AI memes, start with basic cartoon character pictures. Personalize these images with the Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator, a handy tool for generating unique cartoon memes.

Vidnoz AI Cartoon Generator Features:

  • Create professional AI videos with realistic avatars.
  • Text-to-speech lip sync voices in multiple languages.
  • 900+ video templates for various scenarios.

This free tool allows you to transform your photo into a cartoon with one click.

Here’s how to create AI-generated cartoon memes of yourself:

Sign In: Go to Vidnoz and sign in with your email account.

Access the Tool: Find the AI Cartoon Generator in the Free AI Tools tab.

Upload Your Photo: Upload your photo in JPG, PNG, or WEBP formats, and hit the Generate button to start the transformation. You can then add text, and effects, and even make it dance.

Other 3 Effective Ways to Create AI Cartoon Memes

1. Predis AI Meme Generator

Predis AI Meme Generator is a free tool designed to create memes effortlessly from simple text input. Unlike traditional meme generators that require manual template selection and text editing, the AI meme maker does all the creative work for you. Here’s how it works:

How It Works

Creating memes with Predis AI Meme Generator is as easy as magic, and it involves three simple stages:

Input Your Idea

Start with your idea or text input. Explain your idea or situation to the AI, and it will understand the meaning and emotions behind it to generate a meme.

Select the Right Template

If you have a specific template in mind, you can choose it. Otherwise, let the AI meme generator select the most appropriate template for your idea.

Generate and Edit

Click on the Generate button and watch your idea transform into a hilarious meme in seconds. You can easily edit the meme and publish it to your social media channels directly from the tool.

2. Suprememe


An AI Meme Generator is a tool powered by Generative AI that automates the creation of memes. Traditional meme creation involves steps like choosing a template and writing the caption.

An AI Meme Generator simplifies the process—simply input the text, and the AI takes care of the rest, automatically generating the memes for you.

These generators offer more than just adding text to images. They comprehend the essence of your meme and choose the suitable template, crafting a caption that is both relevant and humorous.

How Does It Work?

Generate Memes from Text Input:

Just input text in natural language, and the AI will take care of the rest, crafting the caption and choosing the perfect meme template automatically.

Generate Memes for Any Topic:

Create AI memes for popular topics like startups or crypto by choosing a template or uploading your own image.

Export in Any Dimension:

Export your memes in social media-friendly dimensions without needing an image editor.

3. Magickimg

Magickimg harnesses the power of deep learning to revolutionize image enhancement. Our advanced AI tools transform and optimize your photos to their fullest potential, merging creativity with technology for unparalleled image editing.

How to Use Magickimg

Step 1: Upload Your Meme

Start by uploading your favorite meme. Our platform supports various formats, including JPG and PNG.

Step 2: AI Animation

Our AI takes over, using sophisticated algorithms to animate your meme, adding motion, expression, and life to your creation.

Step 3: Download and Share

Once the AI has done its job, preview your animated meme. If needed, make any final tweaks, and then proceed to download it to share with the world.

4. Simplified

Discover the power of our AI Meme Generator, crafting hilarious memes in an instant. Say goodbye to the endless search for matching templates—our tool covers everything from trending pop culture to relatable daily moments. Just enter your text, and our intuitive AI will craft the perfect viral memes tailored to your input.

How to Generate Memes in Seconds:

  1. Navigate to the Design Dashboard and select “Generate with AI”. Choose “AI Meme Generator”.
  2. Describe your meme topic, then click “Generate” and watch the magic unfold.
  3. Our simplified AI Meme Generator will churn out a rib-tickling meme for you in mere seconds.

FAQS about an AI Cartoon Meme

1. Can AI Create Cartoon Memes?

Absolutely! AI tools can easily create cartoon memes, offering a fun way to lighten the mood. With a free AI cartoon character meme generator, you can create viral memes in just minutes.

Cartoon AI memes can come in various forms such as text, pictures, videos, and GIFs, providing joy in multiple ways. Here’s what you can do with AI cartoon meme generators:

Text-Based Memes: Create funny memes using just text.

Image Memes: Generate your favorite cartoon-style pictures as meme bases.

Face Swap Memes: Use face swap tools to replace faces in cartoon images or videos with those of other characters or animals.

Animated Memes: Create dancing cartoon AI meme photos.

How Does AI Meme Generation Work?

Supermeme.ai leverages a combination of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and carefully curated in-house images to generate meme captions and match them with relevant meme templates.


Creating AI cartoon memes is easier than you might think. With the detailed tutorials and practical tools provided above, you can craft amusing cartoon memes in just a few minutes. Draw inspiration from everyday life, movies, and pop culture to kickstart your journey into creating your own viral cartoon memes. And when it comes to AI video generation and cartoon memes, Vidnoz AI stands out as the top choice for 2024.

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