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DreamGF.ai: In-Depth Review, Tutorial, and Free Alternatives 2024


  • AI sexting app
  • Free trial
  • Voice and Photo
  • Start from $9.99

If you want to indulge your fantasies and enhance your sexting skills, then you should not miss DreamGF.ai! This AI sexting platform allows you to create and engage with AI-generated girlfriends. With a limitless visual girl for engaging conversations and more, DreamGF promises an exciting online experience.

In this review, we will delve into the world of this AI girlfriend website, providing insights into its key features, a comprehensive tutorial, and alternative options. Continue reading to discover more about this cutting-edge technology, like NSFW AI chat, and gain a deeper understanding of how DreamGF’s AI sexting works.

What is DreamGF.ai?


DreamGF.ai is an innovative AI website that empowers users to generate and engage with their personalized virtual girlfriends. The platform boasts a range of enticing features, such as AI personality customization, AI porn images, AI chat photo requests, femdom AI chatbots, AI matchmaking with virtual girls, and even a unique fetish generator.

How Does DreamGF Work?

DreamGF utilizes the power of AI algorithms to create virtual girlfriends tailored to each user’s unique preferences. With DreamGF, users have the freedom to personalize the appearance, interests, and other defining traits of their virtual companions. Engage in captivating conversations, receive voice messages, and seamlessly request photos, all through the intuitive AI chatbot feature.

Key Features: Your Virtual Girlfriend Experience

  • Customize Your Girlfriend’s Character and Interests

Customize your AI girlfriend‘s character, and interests to match your preferences. Create a virtual partner who shares your passions and engages in romantic conversations.

  • AI Chatbot That Sends NSFW Photos

Take your conversations to the next level with our AI chat system. Effortlessly communicate with your AI girlfriend, and watch as she comprehends and responds to your photo requests, infusing visual elements into your interactions.

  • Voice Messages at Your Fingertips

Deepen your connection with your virtual partner using voice messages. Share intimate thoughts, heartfelt messages, and engaging conversations with the authenticity of human-like voice interactions, all at your control

  • Explore Desires with a Unique Fetish Generator

Uncover your deepest desires and explore unique fetishes through its Fetish Generator. Personalize visuals that cater to your preferences, allowing you to safely and comfortably express your sexuality in an immersive virtual environment.

  • AI Dating App – Online AI Tinder

This app lets you make your dream virtual girlfriend quickly. With the latest technology, you can make unique profiles for your virtual dates, just the way you like. Swipe left or right to choose the ones you like, and start your fun virtual dating journey.

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How to Use DreamGF.ai? Step by Step

Step 1: Sign Up
Begin by clicking on the “Free Trial” button conveniently located at the top right corner of the page.
Next, select your preferred sign-up method. You have the option to sign up using your email, Google, or Patreon account.

Step 2: Create Your AI Girlfriend
Click on the “Create New Girlfriend” button to embark on the exciting journey of customizing your virtual girlfriend.

Step 3: Personalize Appearance and Personality
It’s time to bring your dream companion to life. Choose from various options to shape your virtual girlfriend’s appearance, including features like face, body, and clothing.

Step 4: Engage in Conversations
Now that you’ve crafted your ideal virtual partner, dive into the world of interactions. Engage in meaningful conversations, send voice messages, and explore AI-generated content at your leisure. Your digital companion awaits your every word.

Pricing of DreamGF

DreamGF.ai provides a range of pricing plans to cater to diverse preferences. Each plan offers a distinct set of features and capacities, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. These plans include:

Best Free Alternatives You Should Know

1. GPTgirlfriend.online


eHentai offers an intriguing alternative to DreamGF, specializing in the creation of hentai girls who can bring your wildest anime dreams to life through AI hentai chat.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Personality: With eHentai, users have the creative freedom to craft their ideal girl character, tailoring her personality to their desires.
  • Engaging Conversations: Experience captivating interactions with eHentai’s AI-generated companions, who are known to be open to sharing explicit content upon request.

2. Kupid.ai


Kupid AI is a cutting-edge AI chat platform designed to breathe life into virtual friends and companions through immersive and personalized conversations. Here, you can delve into profound interactions with AI companions and indulge in intricate dialogues with AI characters, unlocking hidden fantasies along the way.

Key Features:

  • Customization at Your Fingertips: Kupid AI empowers you to customize and tailor your AI companions or girlfriends, allowing you to shape their traits and personalities according to your preferences and desires.
  • Immersive Role-Playing: Dive into the world of role-playing scenarios within the platform, where you can explore and fulfill your fantasies in a safe and engaging environment.

FAQs about DreamGF.ai

1. Can DreamGF generate AI porn?

Yes, with its create AI girl or fetish generator feature, such as AI BDSM porn generator.

2. Can I create my girlfriend on DreamGF.ai?

Sure, DreamGF allows you to personalize your virtual girlfriend’s appearance, personality, and interests. Besides, you can create any many photos as you can or simply send photo requests to her.

3. Is DreamGF Free to Use?

DreamGF offers you a free trial to experience the AI sexting app, allowing you to explore its capabilities, including the option to create custom AI-generated girlfriend, photos and messages.

  • Generate: You can create a maximum of 2 Girls.
  • Photos: A total of 4 additional high-quality pictures when you’re without a subscription.  Please note that some of the nude and porn styles are not included in the free trial.
  • Messages: During the free trial, you can exchange up to 10 messages with all girls. Once this limit is reached, you will no longer have access to messaging capabilities.

4. How to Make AI Nudes with DreamGF.ai?

Users can send nude requests to their virtual girlfriends or create nude photos with its AI porn image generator from tags.


DreamGF is more than just an AI sexting app; it’s your gateway to crafting a personalized virtual girlfriend. This online app is meticulously designed to offer users a captivating and interactive experience, encouraging exploration of their fantasies and desires in a safe and engaging environment. DreamGF is your free ticket to enjoyment and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests.

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