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How to Use Deepswap.ai – A Detailed Guide of 2024


Have you ever marveled at the Hollywood magic that seamlessly swaps actors’ faces in blockbusters? Or stumbled upon viral social media clips where celebrities appear hilariously out of character? These visual wonders are powered by Deepfake websites like Deepswap, and it’s no longer limited to movie studios and tech enthusiasts.

In 2023, Deepswap emerged as a leading Deepfake app, democratizing the once-complex art of face swapping and video manipulation, making it accessible and user-friendly for all.

What Is Deepswap AI?


Deepswap is an accessible and secure online tool that delivers top-notch face-swapping results in videos, GIFs, and photos. Deepswap.ai offers a user-friendly interface designed to simplify the face-swapping process, making this advanced technology accessible to a wider audience.

In addition, it is also a powerful AI NSFW art generator that allows users to create real or anime girls from prompts. With this great feature, users can produce hyperrealistic porn and hentai images with AI. Lastly, Deepswap enables users to make deepfake nudes from text by submitting photos.

Key Features of Deepwap

  • Face Swap Porn Video

This website offers a convenient online deepfake video generator application that allows you to effortlessly create AI porn videos in mere seconds. With just one click, you can swap faces in videos without requiring any professional video editing skills.

  • NSFW GIF Meme Maker

Deepswap’s face swap online GIF meme maker, is designed for quick and easy meme GIF creation in seconds. Therefore, you can use it to elevate your social engagement or share your meme with friends.

  • AI Cartoon Generator

Users can convert photos to anime cartoons online for free with cool anime filters and effects. By uploading an image, Deepswap will cartoonize it in a few seconds. It turns out to be one of the best AI photo-to-anime converters!

  • AI Photo Editor

With DeepSwap.ai’s free online AI photo editor, you can improve your photo quality and bring out hidden details in just a few clicks. Besides, it is easy to remove background with its advanced AI tech, so you do not have to use Photoshop every time!

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How to Use It – A Detailed Tutorial

How to Face Swap with Deepswap?

Follow these steps to use its face swap feature:
1: Upload your original video (Video: Max 500 MB, 10 min; Photo: Max 10 MB; GIF: Max 15 MB) that you want to perform a face swap on.


2: Select the face you want to swap, either yours or that of a celebrity.

3: Download your AI-refaced video.

How to Cartoonize Yourself in Photo?

Follow these steps to use its AI cartoon generator:
1. Go to Cartoonize Page from the top-down menu.

2: Select from your computer file to upload an original photo, be it SFW or NSFW.


3: Then, the system will analyze and process the image automatically. With seconds, you can turn your photo into a cartoon.

cartoonize photo

Pricing for Deepswap

Deepswap offers a limited free trial, for those who need additional features, the accessible premium plan is an option. Users can buy the membership with Cryptocurrency, Debit/credit card, or Paypal.

How Do You Cancel Deepswap Subscription?

Canceling your Deepswap subscription is easy and can be done through one of the following three methods:

1️⃣ Unsubscribe via PayPal (Self-Service)

Go to your PayPal account > Navigate to “Activity.” > Select the recurring payment to “DEEP CREATION.” > Check the transaction details > Click on “View Recurring Payment Details.” > Choose “Manage automatic payments.” > Select “Cancel.”

2️⃣ Fill Out the Cancellation Form

You can submit a cancellation form to stop your recurring payments. Please note that processing may take up to 30 days.

3️⃣ Contact the Support Team

Reach out to our support team for assistance with canceling your subscription.

Some Deepswap.ai Alternatives

1. DreamGF


DreamGF empowers you to explore, craft, and engage with the virtual companions of your fantasies. It enables you to interact with AI-generated personas and enjoy personalized experiences that consistently surpass expectations. Additionally, you can tailor your dream virtual girlfriend, from her character to clothing, tattoos, and facial features. Beyond conversations and information sharing, you can even generate captivating photos with a variety of outfits or none at all.

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2. Pornderful


Pornderful is a versatile AI Nude Maker tool designed to craft images of both real and anime girls based on user prompts. With Pornderful, users have the creative freedom to generate NSFW images without limitations. This tool leverages deep neural networks and advanced machine learning algorithms to bring your envisioned AI Nude images to life.

Besides, it excels at producing high-quality and intricate AI Nude images, allowing you to create a wide range of content, including fantasy scenes, anime characters, portraits, and more. It’s your gateway to unleashing your artistic imagination


1. Is Deepswap Free to Use?

You have the option to explore Deepswap for free, though it does come with a watermark. To enjoy watermark-free usage, consider subscribing to one of our premium plans.

2. Is Deepswap.ai Safe?

Deepswap is indeed a safe platform. However, as with any online service, exercise caution and be vigilant against potential misuse, including fake reviews and fraudulent activities.


In summary, DeepSwap stands out as an excellent option for individuals looking to effortlessly create convincing deepfakes. While the tool’s quality and ease of use justify its pricing, it’s worth noting that currently, only subscription options are available. It would be beneficial if DeepSwap’s creators consider offering alternatives like the option to purchase a fixed number of credits or providing a limited free trial without watermarks in the future.

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