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CrushOn ai – How to Get Unlimited Messages?

crushon ai

CrushOn.AI stands as a pioneer in the NSFW AI chat realm, providing users with an expansive array of NSFW AI chatbots that empower unrestricted conversations. With a reputation for delivering customizable experiences, this platform allows users the freedom to explore chats tailored to their unique preferences and interests. Beyond its current offerings, CrushOn.AI remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently introducing new features and enhancements to elevate the user experience.

In this article, we will delve into the world of CrushOn.AI, thoroughly exploring its features, and limitations, and providing a comprehensive tutorial.

What Sets CrushOn.ai Apart?

crushon ai

✨ Unrestricted NSFW Conversations:

CrushOn.AI remains unwavering in its dedication to providing an unrestrained NSFW chat experience. It serves as a sanctuary where users can delve into a diverse range of explicit topics and engage in conversations that might be considered taboo on other platforms—all without the constraints of filters. This is an environment designed for exploring your deepest desires and curiosities without reservation.

✨ A Variety of Models

It proudly presents a noteworthy selection of models, including the Classical CrushOn AI LLM (Beta), Llama2-13B-Uncensored (Alpha), and Chronos-Hermes-13B (Alpha). Each model is adept at delivering comprehensive, detailed, and genuinely immersive responses, ensuring that every interaction is as enriching and satisfying as possible.

✨ Infinite Conversational Space

Diverging from the constraints of traditional Character AI, CrushOn.AI is meticulously crafted to foster an expansive chat environment without boundaries. Within this space, users can indulge in authentic emotional exchanges and uncensored NSFW interactions, unrestricted by conventional limitations. Dialogues unfold organically, enabling the exploration of the complete spectrum of desires and fantasies.

✨ Customizable AI Avatars

It empowers users with a distinctive feature – the ability to craft and personalize their AI avatars. This ensures a truly unique and immersive chat experience that intricately reflects the user’s persona. The AI companion becomes an extension of individual desires, meticulously tailored to fantasies, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

What are CrushOn.ai Coins?

CrushOn Coin is a virtual currency meticulously crafted to acknowledge and reward your engagement on our platform. Here’s a breakdown of how you can earn and make the most of its Coin:

1️⃣ Daily Login Rewards

Simply logging into your account daily earns you CrushOn Coins. The more consistently you engage, the greater your accumulation!

2️⃣ Create Fun Characters

Unleash your creativity by designing captivating characters. Your artistic endeavors translate into CrushOn Coins, adding an extra layer of reward to your creative expressions.

3️⃣ Invite Friends

Extend the joy of CrushOn.ai to your friends by inviting them to join. As a token of appreciation, both you and your friends receive the Coins when they create characters and actively participate on the platform.

📝 Note: CrushOn Coin has no monetary value beyond the platform and is exclusively intended for in-platform rewards and benefits.

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How to Use CrushOn.ai for Free? 📖

Using CrushOn.ai for Free:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Open the official CrushOn.AI website on your browser. Be aware that the homepage may contain NSFW content, so ensure you are prepared for that.

Step 2: Sign In

You will be presented with three sign-in options: Google, Discord, or Email. Opting for Google can streamline the process as the platform can extract your details from there.

Step 3: Create Username

Choose a unique username for your CrushOn.AI account. If you signed up via email, make sure to complete the account verification process.

Step 4: Explore AI Characters

After signing in, return to the home page and explore the variety of AI characters available. You can use the search function to find a specific character such as femdom AI chatbots. Click on the character you’d like to engage with.

Step 5: Initiate Chat

The chatbox will open. Type your message and click ‘Send.’ You’ll receive an instant reply, and the conversation can continue. Enjoy unlimited chatting for as long as you’d like.

Creating an AI Character for Free:


Step 1: Access Character Creation:

Click on “Create a Character” to initiate the process of crafting your personalized chatbot.

Step 2: Start Character Creation:

Click on the “Create Character” button to begin the character creation process from scratch. Alternatively, you can upload a JSON file or a character card image if you have one.

Step 3: Character Name and Avatar:

Enter a name for your character and upload an avatar. Opt for an image with a square aspect ratio for a consistently appealing appearance.

Step 4: Compose a Greeting:

Write a greeting for your character. This will be the opening message delivered when your character engages with users.

Step 5: Set Visibility Level:

Choose a visibility level for your character—options include public, private, or unlisted. Making it public allows your character to learn and develop more effectively, but you can keep it private for personal use.

Step 6: Define Genre, Personality, and Background:

Specify a genre for your character and define its personality and background. Indicate whether it is SFW (Safe for Work) or NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

Step 7: Example Conversation:

Enter an example conversation to provide a glimpse of your character’s conversational style.

Step 8: Create and Chat:

Hit the ‘Create and Chat!’ button to finalize the creation of your custom AI character. Now, you can engage in personalized and unrestricted conversations with your uniquely crafted chatbot.

Pricing Tiers for Unlimited Messages

Free PlanFree50 messages per month;
Memory deleted after 7 days of inactivity;
Create custom characters;
Access to community characters.
Standard Plan$4.9/month2000 messages per month;
Limited Memory;
Create custom characters;
Access to community characters;
Premium Plan$7.9/month6000 messages per month;
Dedicated chat capacity with medium priority;
Create custom characters;
Access to community characters;
Deluxe Plan$29.9/monthUnlimited messages per month;
Maximum Memory;
Dedicated chat capacity with high priority;
Ability to adjust memory size;
Access to community characters;
Ability to adjust AI message lengths;

Top 2 Alternatives to CrushOn ai

It’s important to acknowledge that while CrushOn.ai offers unique features, some drawbacks might not make it suitable for everyone. Here are a couple of cons:

  • Not for Everyone: The NSFW nature of the platform may not be suitable for all audiences. Certain topics or conversations may make some users uncomfortable, limiting its appeal to a specific demographic.
  • Dependent on Internet Connection: As an online platform, CrushOn.ai is reliant on a stable Internet connection. Any disruptions in connectivity can potentially impact the chat experience, leading to interruptions or delays.

Considering these limitations, exploring alternative AI chatbot platforms that cater to different preferences and audiences might be a wise choice.

1. Candy.ai VS CrushOn


Candy.ai, a revolutionary product at the forefront of the avatar category, is reshaping the landscape of immersive and personalized chatting experiences. This innovative platform boldly redefines digital communication, moving beyond conventional lines of text on a screen by placing a strong emphasis on the creation of a virtual companion.

2. DreamGF.ai VS CrushOn


DreamGF.ai is an AI-powered platform that lets users create and engage with personalized virtual girlfriends. With AI chat, sexting, voice messages, and photo requests, users can customize their partner’s appearance, personality, and style for a personalized virtual relationship experience.


1. Is there an NSFW version of Character AI?

Certainly. AI NSFW chatbots such as CrushOn.ai, Candy.ai, and DreamGF can be considered as versions that offer a more mature and unrestricted experience compared to Character AI.

2. Is CrushOn AI Real?

Absolutely, Crushon.ai is a real platform. The chatbots on this platform simulate conversations, providing users with companionship, assistance, or entertainment. Although lacking true consciousness, the advancements in AI allow them to deliver realistic interactions.

3. Is CrushOn AI Safe?

While Crushon.AI provides a unique and engaging platform for AI-driven chats, users should exercise informed caution. Being aware of potential risks and adopting safe online practices can ensure a more secure and enjoyable experience.

4. Does CrushOn AI have a dedicated app?

Yes, CrushOn.ai has dedicated apps available for both iOS and Android users. Whether you’re interested in character AIs, involved in content creation, or seeking inspiration for character designs, it caters to a diverse range of needs.

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