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Best 12 AI Deepnude Generators to Make Naked Photos Online


Have you ever wanted to remove the clothes of celebrities or sexy women? Or imagined seeing their nudes as if they were real? Well, AI deepnude generators make it possible to see anyone naked in no-blur photos.

The deep nude generator uses deep-learning algorithms to create lifelike naked images from photos, effectively undressing girls in the pictures. We dedicated 72+ hours to testing and comparing many online deep-nude websites. In this article, we will walk you through the 12 best free AI deepnude websites.

Best Deep Nude App to Generate Fake Nudes Online

❗️Warning of AI Deepnude

Using AI deepnude tools can lead to ethical and legal issues due to their potential misuse for creating non-consensual content. Always prioritize ethical considerations and respect privacy and consent when using such tools.



Nudify.online offers a simple way to use AI deepnude, making it easy to create naked women effortlessly. Free users can try out the app with 3 generations. Plus, if you want more features, premium subscriptions start at $5.49.

This intuitive process empowers users to create personalized and captivating images effortlessly. Meanwhile, it offers an array of customization options that guarantee a satisfying user experience.

Key Features:

  • Nudify Online delivers exceptional image editing results, enabling users to achieve professional-grade edits with minimal effort.
  • With its user-friendly design, the platform ensures seamless navigation for users of all skill levels.
  • 2 painting modes available: one where the AI paints the image automatically, and another where you paint it yourself.
  • Fast Processing: Engineered for speed, Nudify Online enables users to edit and enhance their images promptly.

How to Make Deep Nudes?

1️⃣ Login in
To start, visit the deepnude app and log in with your Twitter or Google account.

2️⃣ Upload Photo
Click the Launch App button and upload a photo to start your process.

deepnude online for free

3️⃣ Choose tags and setting
Nudify.online offers 2 painting modes: auto and manual. Besides, you can select tags from body type, age, quality, and deepnude style.

4️⃣ Click Generate
Hit the Generate below the setting bar. In a few seconds, you can get the no-blur photo for free.


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10 AI Deepnude Generators to Make No Blur Naked Photos

1. Underssing.io

deepnude - generator

Undressing.io uses advanced deepnude AI to bring your fantasies to life through personalized images. Simply describe your desires in text, and the AI generates custom images with details. Unlike other platforms, Undressing.io can undress both men and women, thanks to its extensive dataset.

With AI body tracking, it automatically identifies areas to undress based on poses and factors, making it a user-friendly tool for creating fantasy images.

Key Features:

  • Easily undress anyone using just a few simple prompts.
  • No need for photo editing tools as everything operates through prompts.
  • Users can take advantage of a free trial to test the service.
  • The website is accessible on both PCs and mobile devices.
10 Photos
Prompt, Gender, Editing Tools, Speed <1min
90 Images
Prompt, Gender, Editing Tools, High speed <10s

2. PornX.ai


PornX.ai is an online deepnude website that turns any image into an AI nude version using deep learning. It carefully examines facial and body features in a photo to create a lifelike naked depiction. With this feature, users can easily undress or change their clothes men or women by selecting presets.

Additionally, it’s a top choice for anyone in search of a free deep-nude generator. When you sign up, you get 10 generations for free. While using the website, you can easily select areas you want to alter and even add tattoos or customize breast sizes.

Key Features:

  • PornX.ai makes deep nudes of females and males in various styles, including tattoos, bikinis, underwear, and nudes.
  • Creates outstanding AI nudes from pictures that look no different from real photos.
  • Generates AI porn videos and images from tags and prompts with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Offers affordable prices with unique token systems, which are flexible for every need.
125 tokens
Access to Video creation (beta stage), InPaint tool
300 tokens
Custom prompt, Custom Pose / Face tool

3. Clothoff.io

Clothoff.io is a dream for those who want to have the ability to instantly remove clothes from photos. Clothoff is a unique project, bot, and website, created by a team of talented developers. All you need to do is upload an image and press the “Undress” button. Moreover, it has a Telegram deep nude bot service that allows users to remove clothes within the conversation.

Key Features:

  • Clothoff.io boasts an intuitive interface that enables the creation within a few clicks.
  • Offers a Telegram bot service for a more safe and convenient option.
  • Generates hyper-realistic deep nudes from uploaded photos in mere seconds.

4. Pornjourney


Pornjourney provides a chance to turn clothed images of women into nude pictures. It’s known as a top pick for beginners, thanks to its straightforward design. With just a few simple steps, you can easily navigate the website.

Another standout feature designed for beginners is the wide range of pricing options available. From premium to exclusive and business plans, you can choose from various durations, including monthly, weekly, or even daily subscriptions.

Key features:

  • Freemium mode: As a free deep nude generator, Pornjourney also offers premium plans for sexting AI bots, NSFW AI story writers, and additional features for deep nude.
  • Powerful Customization: With its inpaint and outpaint tools, users can effortlessly edit images using various tags such as clothes, camera angle, action, and more.
  • AI girl creation: Driven by advanced tech, Pornjourney generates mind-blowing girls in videos/images from a set of tags.
€ 14.99
Image generation, story writer, inpainting tool
€ 89.99
Ultra-fast generation, Edit, Sexting, hentai, Video beta

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5. DreamGF


DreamGF is a groundbreaking sexting app that reinforces connectivity between you and your visual girlfriend. This website offers a wide range of features: private messaging, voice and video calls, and a unique “mood” function for self-expression through photos. So, it’s the ultimate choice for intimate connection.

In addition, DreamGF invites you to embark on an exciting journey of creating AI girlfriends. Extensive customizations allow you to shape her personality, appearance, and wardrobe. For example, you can choose semi-nude or nude to determine her appearance.

Key features:

  • DreamGF.ai offers virtual AI girlfriends, enabling users to engage in an immersive NSFW conversation.
  • The platform strives to provide an engaging experience, allowing users to interact with their virtual girlfriends through text, voice, and video chats.
  • Users can make deepnude photos by sending nude requests to their sexting characters.
  • Customization options allow users to tailor their virtual girlfriends’ appearance, personality, and interests.
25 girls, 150 extra images, 1500 messages
60 girls, 400 extra images, 5000 messages

6. Ainudify


Nudify is the #1 most-used AI Clothes Remover. It uses AI to remove clothing from any image, creating life-like naked images from regular photos uploaded.
Additionally, Nudify stands out from other undressing programs because its features are free. However, there is a paid version where you can pay to bypass waiting times and create high-definition images with 4th generation AI.

Key features:

  • The pricing is USD 9 for 25 credits, with each credit allowing the “nudification” of one image.
  • It prioritizes user privacy by implementing strict measures to protect sensitive data. The platform does not store any photos or user information.
  • As a single-page online deepnude app, it is one of the most easy-to-use websites.
25 credits
1 IMAGE = 1 CREDIT, sometimes does not work

7. Pornderful


Pornderful.ai represents a great leap in AI adult content, showcasing its prowess and features. One of its strengths lies in its unrivaled photorealism, crafting images of astounding realism and detail. Users can customize their fake deep nudes by selecting prompts such as Shemale, semi-nude, cumshot, etc.

Moreover, it creates images quickly and efficiently. The user-friendly interface suits both beginners and experts, providing a smooth experience. Overall, Pornderful.ai stands out as a top AI porn maker in the field.

Key features:

  • It creates ultra-realistic NSFW nudes of male, female, and trans from abundant tags selection.
  • With the inpaiting tool, users can easily edit the generated image in the way they wish.
  • Users can save unique AI models for social media content creation or personal entertainment.
Premium Tags, Unlimited Generations, Image Editor, No Watermark

8. Deepswap AI


The following deep nude website is DeepSwap.ai, a platform that demonstrates the powerful capabilities of AI. Thanks to its state-of-the-art deepfake tech, it rightfully claims its status as an exceptional faceswap app.

In DeepSwap, it is incredibly easy to create impressive images, GIFs, and videos. It seamlessly integrates your face into any picture or scene, highlighting the power of this remarkable tech. Besides, a recently published edit images feature allows you to generate naked pictures of women with the best quality.

Key features:

  • Instead of tag-based instruction, users can deepnude photos from text descriptions by inputting Remove clothes, Naked bodies, etc.
  • Different size of the pen offers a smooth and accurate experience when drawing the clothing area.
  • As an all-in-one face swap tool, it allows users to perform deep-fake porn in videos, photos, and Gifs without hassle.
20 Credits per month, Max video 500M
Priority Processing, Max video length 10 mins

9. Nubee.ai


Nubee.ai Bot uses cutting-edge deep-learning algorithms to digitally strip away clothing from photos. Seamlessly integrated with AI and neural networks, this telegram deepnude bot identifies and erases clothing, leaving behind a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

One standout feature of Nubee.ai bot is its rapid generation speed, providing instant results. Accessible to all Telegram users, this bot is readily available for anyone with a Telegram account.

Key Features

  • The deepnude telegram Bot allows you to adjust the clothing removal level or opt for image reconstruction, providing a personalized touch to your transformations.
  • Unlike other bots, user photos are not stored on the servers, ensuring top-level privacy.
  • The generated images are watermark-free, so users do not have to remove blur.
10 💎
Create no-blur AI nude photos.
20 💎
Estimated time is around 5 seconds per person.

10. DeepNude.org


Another completely free tool for deepnude AI art can be found on DeepNude.org. This is perhaps the simplest website you can find out there since it only has one button. You can upload any image and then undress any person that can be found in that picture. There are no additional features or fees so this is the simplest way to use DeepNude AI.

50 credits
1 Credit = 1 Photo, Access to the Preview queue, Low priority
200 credits
Medium priority, Chance to earn 40 additional credits

11. DeepnudeNow


Among the apps and sites that deal with DeepNude AI, the ones that offer deepnude free access are essential. DeepNudeNow is a site that does exactly that. You don’t have to pay for its services, although some of the features will not be available unless you pay at least $4.99 per day. This site will allow you to undress anyone in the images that you upload. The site encourages users to share sexy summer photos that can easily get undressed for free.

Waiting time, Blurred, Limited amounts, Low quality
$0.30/Image, 100 image Credits, v1 Access, Full Results & No Queue

Comparison of AI Deepnude Testing Results

We selected more than 30 deepnude sites and made a comparison of the 10 best choices.

Our top 2 picks are: 1️⃣ Nudify.online. 2️⃣ PornX.ai

Check some of the deepnude results below:

4 Tips for Making Good Deepnudes

1️⃣ Find the right tool: Determining the best solution can be challenging; it’s wise to evaluate factors such as price, accuracy, and safety.

2️⃣ Customization Settings: Pornx.ai, Pornderful enables you to choose specific body parts for editing, including clothing.

3️⃣ Upload good-quality images: Remember to upload clear, quality, and full-body pictures to help AI understand and generate the best result.

4️⃣ Review and adjust: Review it and make necessary adjustments after the image has been generated.

Deep Nude FAQs

1. Is DeepNude Legit?

Yes, DeepNude is legit. It is not a hoax and you will not get scammed with this content. It is a powerful AI-driven operation that will show you amazing results.

2. Is DeepNude Safe to Use?

Indeed, many deepnude apps prioritize privacy and refrain from storing your creations, protecting your data.

3. Can You Undress Anyone with a Deep Nude Maker?

Sure, DeepNude allows you to undress anyone by uploading a clear photo of the individual.

4. Are There Any Alternatives to DeepNude Apps?

There are some apps like to Deepnude, both of which do not raise strict ethical and legal issues.

PornX.ai 🔥Undress girls and women from photos for free.
Nudify.online 🔥Enables users to create uno-blur naked images using AI.
Deep-nude.aiMake Deepnude and deepfake effortless.
Deep-nude.coOnline deepnude AI from photo to nude.
Deepnude.caUpload photos and remove clothes quickly and simply.

5. What Are the Ethical Implications of Using DeepNude?

It can violate privacy, exploit individuals, perpetuate objectification, and potentially lead to harassment. The distribution of non-consensual explicit content is generally considered unethical.

6. How accurate and real is the deep nude result?

Of course, no image created by DeepNude online apps is real. These tools cannot show you a real nude picture but the results of any of these apps and tools are really amazing, realistic, and accurate.


If you have never used a DeepNude app before, this is the perfect time to do it. You can undress anyone you want and finally see what they look like without clothes. Of course, the results are not real but they are realistic and amazing. Still, it is never unnecessary to say that you should be smart about this and use these tools in a smart way.

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