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10 Best AI Deepnude Apps for Free, Compared and Ranked

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Have you ever wanted to remove the clothes of your favorite celebrities or women and see their nudes? Well, Deepnude apps can certainly help you fulfill your fantasy.

Deepnude generator uses deep-learning algorithms to create life-like naked images from regular photos uploaded, effectively undressing any girls in the pictures. We have dedicated more than 72 hours to testing and comparing many online deep-nude websites. In this article, we will walk you through the 10 best free AI deepnude examples and answer all your concerns about deepnude.

Top Deepnude Apps to See Anyone Naked

Deepnude PriceRealismBest for
PornX.ai 🔥9.99$/MonHighFree and Best
Pornderful9.99$/MonHighImages Editting
Deepswap9.99$/MonHighFace Swap Nude
PornjourneyLimited Free TrialMediumHigh-quality, Beginners
Sukebezone9.99$/MonHighAI Girl Nudes
DreamGF16.99/50 PhotosMediumDeepnude Enhancer
Deepnude.cc29.95/100 PhotosMediumDeepnude Apps
Soulgen19.95/MonHighAI Nude Generator
Undress.app9.99$/MonLowDeepnude Telegram Bot
Remover AppLimited Free TrialMediumBackground Remover

1. PornX.ai– Best Deepnude Example 🔥


PornX.ai is an online deepnude website that turns any image into a nude version using deep learning. It carefully examines facial and body features in a photo to create a lifelike depiction without clothes. With this powerful feature, users can easily undress or change their clothes of men or women by selecting presets.

Furthermore, it’s an outstanding option for those seeking a free deepnude app. Each new user receives 10 generations, although the free trial takes one or two minutes to wait. In addition to undressing, this website allows you to draw a zone you want to change and add tattoos or custom breast sizes.

How to Use It?

1️⃣ Visit PornX.ai and upload images of someone you like;

2️⃣ Select an area with your pen;

3️⃣ Select presets like Bikini, Undress Tattoos, etc;

4️⃣ Click Generate and enjoy your deepnude result.

Check Our Free Tested Result with It:

Left ImageRight Image

2. Pornderful


Pornderful.ai represents a transformative leap in AI-generated adult content, showcasing its exceptional prowess and features. One of its defining strengths lies in its unrivaled photorealism, crafting images of astounding realism and intricate detail. Users can customize their fake deep nudes by selecting different prompts such as Shemale, semi-nude, cumshot, etc.

Moreover, it creates images quickly and efficiently. The user-friendly interface suits both beginners and experts, providing a smooth experience. Overall, Pornderful.ai stands out as a top AI porn generator in the field.

3. Deepswap AI – Deepnude from photos


The following deep nude website is DeepSwap.ai, a platform that vividly demonstrates the powerful capabilities of AI. Thanks to its state-of-the-art deepfake technology, it rightfully claims its status as an exceptional deepfake porn maker.

In DeepSwap, creating impressive images, GIFs, and videos is a breeze. Seamlessly integrate your face into any picture or scene with professional finesse, highlighting the power of this remarkable technology.

Besides, a recently published new feature, edit images, allows you to generate naked pictures of women with the best quality.

4. Pornjourney


Pornjouney presents an opportunity to transform clothed images of women into nude pictures. Regarded as a premier choice for beginners, this website is incredibly straightforward, featuring just a few steps that you need to use.

Another remarkable feature that caters to beginners is its diverse range of pricing options. These span from premium to exclusive, business, and durations ranging from monthly to weekly or even daily.

5. Sukebezone

Within this section of the list, you’ll find tools that share a common trait: their simplicity and user-friendly interfaces. The next one in line is Sukebezone. With a user base of over 7,000, Sukebezone provides effortless photo nudification that seamlessly works across various devices. Notably, it offers secure storage for up to 12 months. No software installation is required – simply upload your photos and experience the magic.

A standout feature of Sukebezone is its integrated photo editor. Users can bypass the deep nude queue and utilize this tool to retouch, resize, crop, or explore color and shape adjustments for enhanced outcomes.

6. DreamGF-AI Girl Nudes


DreamGF is a groundbreaking sexting app that redefines connectivity between you and your visual girlfriend. This website offers a wide range of features: private messaging, voice and video calls, and a unique “mood” function for self-expression through photos. It’s the ultimate choice for intimate connection.

In addition, DreamGF invites you to embark on an exciting journey of crafting your AI girlfriend. Extensive customizations allow you to shape her personality, appearance, and wardrobe, creating a unique companion that resonates with you. For example, you can choose semi-nude or nude to determine her appearance.

7. Deepnude.cc

DeepNude.cc is a powerful deepnude app that transforms your uploaded photos into stunning nudes. This deepnude generator stands out with its impressive capabilities, showcasing the remarkable potential of AI technology. Accessing its features is free, or you can opt for a $29.95 monthly subscription to bypass waiting times, unblur image generation, and receive monthly credits.

Excitingly, DeepNude has introduced version 2.0, which consistently delivers exceptional images. However, bear in mind that images with incomplete body visibility, non-frontal poses, or loose clothing might lead to less satisfactory outcomes.

8. Soulgen


A standout feature of this advanced platform is the “edit image” function. It lets you easily customize your uploaded photos, creating personalized nudes aligned with your vision. With this deep nude online website, you can quickly generate and enhance realistic, high-quality fake nudes without the need for installations or downloads.

Speaking of remarkable deepnude makers, Soulgen unquestionably ranks high on the list, offering fantastic experiences. Functioning as an AI-driven NSFW tool, Soulgen harnesses the power of machine learning technology to craft exceptionally lifelike nude pictures.

9. Undress.app

Undress AI employs deep learning to virtually remove clothing from images, notably in the adult industry and NSFW content creation. While generating realistic outcomes, its ethical implications are significant, enabling non-consensual explicit content.

The outstanding feature of this deepnude app is that it has an app version, and users can download its app version for iOS or Android use. Besides, it has a telegram bot service that allows users to make deepnude and share them within the group.

10. Remover App

Enter Remover.app, an exceptional AI-driven image editing tool that empowers users to effortlessly erase unwanted elements, individuals, or watermarks from images with remarkable accuracy and professional finesse. This application offers a seamless one-click solution, wrapped in an intuitive design that caters to both newcomers and experienced users.

The versatility of Remover.app extends across diverse domains, rendering it an invaluable asset for numerous applications like e-commerce, fashion, real estate, and image enhancement. From eliminating distractions in product photos to enhancing the visual allure of property listings, or even restoring vintage images by erasing imperfections, Remover.app proves indispensable.

Comparison of Some Deepnude Testing Results

We selected more than 30 deepnude sites and made a comparison of the 10 best choices.

Our top 2 picks are: 1️⃣ Deepswap.ai. 2️⃣ PornX.ai

Check some of the deepnude results below:

How Does Deepnude App Work?

DeepNude employs neural networks trained on both clothed and unclothed images to simulate nudity. It identifies and categorizes clothing components within the model. These elements are then substituted with photorealistic depictions of the corresponding body parts.

The process involves a generator that produces images and a discriminator that assesses their authenticity. Over iterations, the generator refines its output to enhance realism.

4 Tips for Making Good Deepnudes

Find the right tool: Determining the best solution can be challenging; it’s wise to evaluate factors such as price, accuracy, and safety.

Customization Settings: Pornx.ai, Pornderful enables you to choose specific body parts for editing, including clothing.

Upload good-quality images: Remember to upload clear, quality, and full-body pictures to help AI understand and generate the best result.

Review and adjust: Review it and make necessary adjustments after the image has been generated.

Deep Nude FAQs:

1. Is DeepNude Legal?

The legality of DeepNude varies by jurisdiction, but its use for creating non-consensual explicit content is generally considered unethical and potentially illegal in many places. So it is advisable to keep them for personal entertainment due to privacy and consent concerns.

2. Is DeepNude Safe to Use?

Indeed, many deepnude apps prioritize privacy and refrain from storing your creations, protecting your personal data.

3. Can You Undress Anyone with DeepNude?

Sure, DeepNude allows you to undress anyone by uploading a clear photo of the individual.

4. Are There Any Alternatives to DeepNude Apps?

There are some alternatives to Deepnude, both of which do not raise strict ethical and legal issues.

a. DreamGF, a website that generates fake nudes of girls.  

b. Pornderful.ai, a tool that enables users to create naked images using AI.

5. What Are the Ethical Implications of Using DeepNude?

It can violate privacy, exploit individuals, perpetuate objectification, and potentially lead to harassment. The creation and distribution of non-consensual explicit content are generally considered unethical and can have legal consequences.

6. How accurate is the deepnude result?

The accuracy of DeepNude’s results depends on factors like image quality and clothing complexity. Utilizing advanced AI technology, DeepNude aims for realistic outcomes with ease. The suite includes tools for quick high-quality image creation, emphasizing user security and privacy through strong measures and policies.

To Conclude

In conclusion, the rise and fall of DeepNude apps shed light on the intricate interplay between technology, ethics, and privacy. As we move forward, it’s crucial to harness the potential of AI for positive and constructive purposes, while learning from the lessons provided by the ethical challenges posed by tools like DeepNude. If you’re eager to delve into Deepnude world, Soulgen will truly fulfill your fantasies!

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