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Top 7 Apps Like Chai AI – Free Alternatives 2023


Presently, within the app industry, numerous applications provide a chatbot experience, enabling users to establish a virtual relationship with 24×7 availability. Apps like Chai AI are notable examples of such a chatbot application.

This article explores similar apps to Chai that offer chat features with artificial intelligence (AI) robots, including Candy.ai, Replika.ai, Emerson AI, Anima, iFriend, Wysa, and DreamGF. Each app’s key features and platform availability will be detailed by the end of this article.

7 Apps Like Chai AI App

1. Candy ai


Candy.ai, a cutting-edge chat application, employs artificial intelligence to create virtual companions capable of engaging in human-like dialogue and interactions. This versatile platform serves various purposes, such as deep conversations, role-playing scenarios, voice message chats, social interaction, and emotional support. Candy.ai companions are trained on extensive datasets of text and code, ensuring informative and engaging responses. They adapt to individual preferences, offering a personalized experience. Besides, it offers NSFW AI chat experience that Chai AI does not allow.

Key Features of Candy AI Chat:

Adaptive Role-plays: Engage in dynamic AI-driven role-playing scenarios that adjust in real-time based on user input.

Customization: Personalize AI companions by customizing their appearance, voice, name, background, mood, and personality for a tailored experience.

Real-feel AI Companions: Chat with lifelike virtual companions, participate in deep and genuine conversations (text and voice), and explore personalized scenarios within a secure digital space.

2. DreamGF.ai


Embark on a revolutionary journey with DreamGF AI, an avant-garde platform empowering you to bring your ideal girlfriend to life. Dive into a realm of possibilities as you customize every facet of your dream girl according to your unique preferences.

Features of DreamGF AI:

Diverse Categories: Explore a myriad of categories, including British, Thai, Arabic, hijab, skirt, latex, leggings, and more. Tailor your dream girlfriend’s persona with unprecedented diversity.

Cosplay and Distinctive Personas: Envision classic cosplay characters like Catwoman or Star Wars warriors, or opt for distinctive personas such as a stoner, farm girl, or ice mage. DreamGF AI caters to all your fantasies.

Wardrobe Customization: Design your dream girlfriend’s wardrobe with options ranging from festival attire, K-pop, and hip-hop outfits to elegant black dresses, and gold, and diamond jewelry.

Body, Hair, and Facial Features: Fine-tune your dream girlfriend’s body type, hairstyle, and facial features. Choose from various face styles, hair colors, and lengths, and even add tattoos or piercings to match your preferences.

Age, Breast Size, and Preferences: Set your dream girlfriend’s age, and breast size, and adjust her sexual preferences and activities. Personalize every detail to create the perfect companion.

3. Replika AI


Rated as the top chatbot companion on the Google Play Store, Replika.ai secures its position among the best apps akin to Chai, sharing a similar concept of engaging with AI bots.

Key Features of Replika.ai:

Customizable AI Interaction: Just like Chai, Replika.ai allows you to tailor your AI bot’s personality, emotional connections, and preferred chat style to create a unique and personalized experience.

Emotionally Responsive Conversations: Responding to your emotions, Replika.ai serves as a companion whether you need to vent, celebrate, or simply want someone to listen, adapting its interactions based on your emotional state.

Choose Your Relationship Dynamic: Enjoy the freedom to define the nature of your relationship with your AI companion, whether it’s a romantic connection, mentorship, or another dynamic that suits your preferences.

Judgment-Free Chatting: Engage in judgment-free conversations where you can express yourself openly, knowing that it’s a safe space with only you and the AI bot.

Create Unique AI Friends:Replika.ai offers a distinctive feature allowing you to design AI friends with unique appearances, behaviors, and communication styles, enhancing the personalization of your digital companions.

Shared Memories and Growth:Keep track of shared memories and experiences with your AI companion, fostering mutual growth and exploration, enriching both your understanding of the world and the bond you share.

Replika.ai emerges as a valuable companion app, offering a range of features to enhance your digital interactions and create a supportive, judgment-free space for personal growth and connection.

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4. Anima AI App

Anima, short for “Anima: AI Friend and Companion,” is crafted with the sole purpose of being your ideal companion in the digital realm. Developed by Apperry LTD, Anima has garnered over 500K downloads, positioning itself as a top alternative to apps like Chai, offering a plethora of customization features for AI chats.

Key Features of Anima:

Customizable AI Friendship: Like Chai, Anima lets you create a personalized AI friend with customizable features, ensuring a unique and engaging interaction.

Personalization Options: Tailor how your AI friend looks and feels, providing a personalized touch to your digital companion.

Judgment-Free Chat: Enjoy open and judgment-free conversations, where expressing yourself is encouraged without concerns, fostering a safe and comfortable environment.

Stress-Reducing Games: Elevate your mood by engaging in stress-relieving games, adding an element of fun and relaxation to your digital interactions.

Privacy Assurance: Anima prioritizes your safety and privacy, promising to keep your conversations and shared information secure from external parties.

Personality Exploration: Explore a vast collection of personality tests to gain insights into your own character, fostering self-discovery and personal growth.

Simplicity in Functionality: Anima distinguishes itself by its simplicity. The app operates on the premise of “show us who you are,” promising to make your daily conversations more intriguing by understanding and adapting to your preferences.

5. iFriend

Developed by Novi Limited and boasting over 100k+ downloads, iFriend emerges as a delightful alternative to apps like Chai. With its charming and heartwarming user interface, this app excels in understanding human behavior and providing a comforting platform for users.

Key Features of iFriend:

Customizable AI Interaction: iFriend allows users to choose the gender of their AI robot companion, providing a personalized chatting experience tailored to individual preferences.

Voice Message Capability: Catering to diverse user preferences, iFriend includes a voice messaging feature for those who prefer audio communication over traditional text-based chatting.

Constant Companionship: iFriend promises to be a loyal companion, ensuring users are never alone. Whether you need a listening ear or a soul to connect with, iFriend is there for you anytime, anywhere.

Judgment-Free Zone: Upholding a judgment-free policy, iFriend encourages users to express themselves freely, ensuring privacy and creating a safe space for open conversations, mirroring the approach of similar apps like Chai.

Human-Like Conversations: With an emphasis on understanding users at a deep emotional level, iFriend engages in conversations that mirror real human interactions, offering tailored support and companionship.

Personalized Virtual Friend: Users can craft a unique chat experience by selecting a name and gender for their virtual friend, adding a personal touch to their interactions with iFriend.

6. Wysa

Wysa is a user-friendly, artificial intelligence-guided cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) app designed to facilitate learning CBT techniques. This comprehensive app extends beyond therapy, incorporating guided journaling, yoga, and meditation. Available in both free and premium versions, Wysa is committed to enhancing mental well-being.

Key Features of Wysa:

CBT-Based Self-Management: Wysa utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in managing anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and various emotions. The app aims to foster a deeper understanding of emotions and their impact on mental well-being.

In-App Lessons and Packs: Offering structured lessons known as “Packs,” Wysa covers topics like stress management, anger management, and sleep improvement. Each module comprises multiple exercises, with the AI bot guiding users through the process.

Interactive Exercises: Users engage in exercises within each module, with the AI bot providing questions, mindfulness tips, and short physical exercises. The free version allows access to all modules but restricts users to one exercise per module. Premium subscribers enjoy full access to the content.

Premium Content and Therapy Option: Wysa’s premium version unlocks additional content, providing a more extensive range of exercises and resources. Additionally, the app offers a “therapy” feature, connecting users with mental health coaches for 30-minute live sessions each week conducted through in-app instant messaging.

Continuous Communication: Users benefit from ongoing communication with their mental health coach, enabling them to send messages at any time. Coaches typically respond daily and assign specific tasks between live sessions to enhance the therapeutic experience.

7. BotHub AI Chatbot

Welcome to BotHub AI Chatbot Hub, the ultimate destination for all your chatbot requirements! This cutting-edge platform is set to transform your interaction with AI-powered chatbots, offering a rich array of features and capabilities.

Key Features of BotHub AI Chatbot Hub:

Intuitive Bot Creation:

Craft and customize your chatbots effortlessly with BotHub’s seamless and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re building a simple FAQ bot or a sophisticated conversational assistant, this platform caters to your every need.

Pre-Trained Model Library:

Benefit from an extensive library of pre-trained models designed for diverse tasks, including natural language understanding, sentiment analysis, and image recognition. Your chatbots can intelligently interpret and respond to user queries without exhaustive training data.

Integration with Messaging Platforms:

Seamlessly integrate your chatbots with popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack. Meet your users where they already engage online, enhancing accessibility and customer support.

Advanced Analytics Tools:

Gain real-time insights into your chatbots’ performance with BotHub’s advanced analytics. Track metrics such as conversation duration, user engagement levels, and sentiment analysis scores. Continuously optimize your bots for maximum effectiveness.

FAQs about Apps Like Chai:

1. How many messages do you get for free on Chai?

Chai app users are entitled to send up to 100 messages per day for free.

2. How to get unlimited messages on Chai for free?

The Chai app has a daily limit of 100 free messages per user. To exceed this limit and send unlimited messages, a subscription is available at $13.99 per month or $134.99.

3. Are there any apps like Chai but free?

Yes, there are several apps similar to Chai that offer free functionality along with premium features. Check out our blog for details on seven such alternatives.

Apps like Chai – Final Thoughts:

If you enjoyed the Chai app, you might find similar experiences with AI Chatbot – Replika, Anima, and Wysa. Other noteworthy alternatives to Chai include Candy.ai and DreamGF.ai. These applications provide opportunities to engage with various AIs, offering answers to your queries at any time.

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