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7 Best FREE AI Nude Generators for Fake Nudes in 2023

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An AI nude generator is a computer program employing state-of-the-art deep learning and neural networks to generate fake nude or explicit images. As it gains popularity and advances in technology, it’s reshaping the way people create and enjoy naked art.

However, with numerous AI nude makers on the market, selecting the right one can be challenging. Factors to consider include features, pricing, accuracy, speed, and more. In this article, we’ll comprehensively evaluate 7 of the best fake nude generators that enable you to create AI-generated nudes based on tags, prompts, or even photos.

7 AI Nude Generators to Create Fake Nudes, Ranked

WebsiteFree TrialPriceBest for Visit
1. PornX.ai$9.99/MonAI nude generator from photosVisit
2. Pornderful$19.99/MonUnique AI model and realismVisit
3. Pornjourney$15/MonStunning nudes with detailsVisit
4. Soulgenblurriness$9.99/MonAI hentai nudesVisit
5. Deepswapblurriness$9.99/MonFace swap nudesVisit
6. DreamGF$9.99/MonAI girlfriend nudesVisit
7. Nudify.online$11.99/15 CreditsNudifyVisit

1. PornX.ai – AI nude generator from pictures

AI nudes

PornX.ai offers a unique AI Nude Generator platform where users can effortlessly create naked images from pictures. This platform provides an opportunity to make AI nudes by uploading any photos and then removing the clothes of the individual with lifelike results.

To generate AI Nude images on PornX.ai, users can select a desired area and input their prompts or choose the provided options. Within seconds, the platform will generate the desired image, providing a seamless experience. Moreover, it allows users to create high-quality pornographic images from a vast collection of tags.

Left ImageRight Image


  • Rapid AI nude image generation opportunity for users to see nudes of anyone.


  • Not suitable for all age groups due to its explicit content.

2. Pornderful.ai – AI nude maker from text


Pornderful.ai stands out as a powerful AI nude generator, creating captivating images based on user-selected tags. Its exceptional ability to produce lifelike and genuine nudes makes it an ideal choice for those who value realism in their AI art.

One standout feature is the option for users to save and generate unlimited images using the unique AI model. This versatility makes it suitable for creating social media content or for personal enjoyment. Additionally, Pornderful can generate fake nude of women, men and shemale, catering to a diverse range of users.


  • Produces high-quality and genuine images.
  • Generates explicit content based on tags.
  • Offers powerful image editing features.


  • High-quality output may result in larger image sizes.
  • Limited tags and longer waiting times in the free version; premium plans offer quicker processing.

3. Pornjourney


Pornjourney AI offers a highly personalized adult content experience through AI technology.

What sets Pornjourney apart is its unique approach: each server is dedicated to a specific type of modeling. Unlike competitors, this specialization ensures the highest quality in either photorealistic or anime-style designs, without sacrificing versatility.

Furthermore, Pornjourney allows users to edit generated images with inpainting and outpainting tools for added customization.


  • Produces high-quality NSFW anime images.
  • Offers an AI video generator in beta version.
  • Delivers precise details, including nuances like nipple color, pubic area, moles, stretch marks, veins, and more.


  • Free version may occasionally encounter server lag.

4. Soulgen

SoulGen.ai is an AI nude generator that creates lifelike images of women and anime characters. With its user-friendly interface and rapid generation speed, SoulGen stands out as an excellent choice for beginners.

Furthermore, it offers a “looks-like” feature, allowing you to generate fake nudes resembling the individuals in the photos you upload. If you’re not content with the outcome, you can click “regenerate” or utilize its advanced editing feature. This function permits you to modify the generated nudes by selecting specific photo areas and inputting prompts as desired.


  • SoulGen creates high-quality nudes that are realistic and attractive.
  • It swiftly generates images from text, delivering results in mere seconds.
  • It offers precise image editing capabilities based on prompts.
  • SoulGen supports the generation of both Hentai and real porn girls.


  • The free version may produce images with blurriness.
  • SoulGen is solely available as an online AI nude generator without an app version.
  • While SoulGen can produce up to nine images simultaneously, there may be issues with plagiarism or minimal variation among them.
  • Although it can generate NSFW content, the model was trained without hardcore content, limiting its ability to create such material.

5. Deepswap – New Fake Nude Generator

ai nude generator

Deepswap is an all-in-one face swap platform that empowers users to seamlessly integrate any face into various scenarios within videos, GIFs, and photos. Beyond facial transformations, Deepswap expands its horizons as an AI nude maker through an image Generator. Users enjoy unparalleled creative freedom as it accommodates both tag and prompt inputs, enabling a wide range of imaginative possibilities. If you want to learn more about Deepswap, please see our detailed review: Deepswap.


  • Provides high-quality results quickly
  • Empowers users with creative versatility
  • Offers both Anime and Real art styles
  • Allows face swapping in videos, GIFs, and images


  • Primarily emphasizes the FaceSwap feature, and its AI nude feature is new.
  • Has limitations in the free version.

6. DreamGF – AI girlfriend nude


DreamGF.ai is an AI platform for virtual relationships that enables users to customize virtual girlfriends. It boasts an extensive array of nude girls to choose from, ensuring an immersive AI sex chat experience. The generation of AI nudes is achieved through its AI porn generator feature or by simply asking your AI visual girlfriend to send you naked bodies of your preferred type.


  • DreamGF combines AI chatbots and AI image generation, allowing users to request nudes of their virtual girlfriends.
  • The platform offers the option to generate NSFW content within its environment.
  • It provides a free trial period before users decide whether to upgrade their plan or not.


  • DreamGF is primarily an AI chatbot and not a genuine girlfriend experience, potentially leading to unrealistic expectations among users.
  • Its image generation capability is limited, resulting in the production of artificial-looking nudes.

7. Nudify.online

In alignment with the growing trend of Undress AI tools, nudify.online leverages deep learning algorithms to modify images, generating versions where subjects are depicted without clothing. Users have the flexibility to specify age, body type, and image quality, enhancing the overall output. This feature proves especially advantageous for individuals with budget constraints who might not have access to premium AI applications.


  • Offers a free service for undressing images.
  • Users can earn credits by inviting others to the platform.
  • Features a straightforward interface with a single image editing function.


  • Raises ethical concerns related to using photos without permission.
  • Occasionally produces inaccurate results.

Comparison of Some AI-Generated Nudes

We will show you some examples of AI-generated nudes to give you a better understanding of each tool:

How Accurate Are the Results of AI Nude Makers?

The accuracy of AI nude generators in rendering images can vary significantly depending on the specific tool or software being used. Some advanced AI generators can produce highly realistic and detailed nude images, while others may generate less convincing or more stylized results. Factors that influence accuracy include the quality of the AI model, the amount of training data it has received, and the sophistication of the algorithms used.

How Does Nude AI Generator Work?

Initially, the nude AI generator is trained on a vast dataset containing clothed and unclothed subjects, learning to distinguish between the two based on features like body shape and skin texture. Developers fine-tune the algorithms for accuracy and realism, ensuring generated images closely resemble human bodies. Users interact with the AI by specifying preferences like body type, age range, and image quality.

Are There Any Ethical Considerations of AI Nudes?

While AI nude art generators offer remarkable creative opportunities, ethical considerations must not be ignored. Striking a balance between artistic expression and responsible usage is crucial.

Artists and users should keep in mind about consent and the potential impact of their creations, making sure they don’t violate privacy or exploit individuals.

Conclusion- The Future of AI Nude Art

The future implications of AI nude generators on the art of nudity remain uncertain, but they undeniably offer a new approach to adult content creation. Pornderful excels in creating hyperrealistic nudes based on user-defined tags, even enabling the preservation of unique AI models. On the other hand, PornX.ai specializes in generating stunningly detailed fake nudes. However, it’s imperative to consider the ethical and legal aspects that govern the responsible and respectful utilization of such technology.

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