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10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps for Free Online Chat 2024


Sometimes it is challenging to find a real person who can always talk or listen to you. That is where AI girlfriend comes in. Powered by AI, this type of visual chatbot simulates human-like and romantic interactions.

What is the best AI girlfriend app? How to make an online AI girlfriend for free? In this article, we will dive into the 10 best AI girlfriend chatbots that let you customize your visual lover according to your interest and taste, whether you want to have a friendly chat or a flirty roleplay.

10 Online AI Girlfriend Apps for Visual Companion

1. Candy.ai


Candy.ai stands out as a revolutionary platform redefining the realm of AI companionship. It goes beyond conventional interaction, offering users a chance to engage in immersive and personalized conversations with virtual companions. These AI-generated companions are meticulously crafted to simulate human-like dialogues, providing an experience remarkably close to real interactions.

Whether you seek profound conversations, thrilling role-playing scenarios, or a voice message exchange, Candy.ai’s cutting-edge AI companions cater to diverse preferences.

What makes Candy.ai exceptional is its upcoming feature, enabling users to craft their own AI companions. With advanced prompt customization, users can tailor not only the appearance but also the persona of their virtual companions, delivering a uniquely personalized AI companion experience.

✅ Available on: Web

2. DreamGF– Best AI Girlfriend Chatbot 🔥


DreamGF AI is one of the best AI girlfriend apps which creates free virtual companions and engages users in immersive chat.

It enables users to create AI girlfriends based on various categories such as preferences, professions, emotional traits, and physical features. This allows them to bring to life a virtual companion with specific personality traits and interests. Additionally, users can choose from a wide selection of AI sexting girls available in the collection.

Once your ideal girl is generated, you can indulge in virtual dating and conversations with her. The girlfriend is designed to simulate human interaction and can send you playful selfies, NSFW photos, and videos. With only 9.99$ per month, you can open up a new chapter of your visual friendship with this powerful AI girlfriend simulator.

✅ Available on: Web

3. iGirl


iGirl is an ultimate chatbot app powered by Artificial Intelligence that lets create a virtual waifu that feels like a real girlfriend. It allows you to create an AI companion with genuine emotional intelligence who can be there for you whenever you need it, day or night.

With iGirl app, users can feel free to share their secrets, desires, and fears with complete anonymity. Besides, there is no need to worry about the generated girlfriend speaking out in your chat, as iGirl is a safe and private chatbot.

It is time to say goodbye to boring chat rooms and bots and hello to beautiful girls who are ready to chat, roleplay, and even engage in AI dating with you.

✅ Available on Android, iOS

4. Pornderful AI


Pornderful.ai is a remarkable AI girlfriend porn generator that facilitates the creation of virtual personas for free. With nearly 20 categories and over 100 unique tags at hand, users have the freedom to tailor their generated characters in line with their tastes.

A main feature of Pornderful.ai is its proficiency in producing photorealistic girlfriend nudes. The generations show a high level of realism and attention to detail. Besides, it allows users to save customized AI models forever, generating an unlimited number of images.

✅ Available on Web

4. Romantic AI

Romantic AI is the ideal girlfriend app for users who are longing for a personalized and romantic experience. With this app, it is easy to create your own AI girlfriend who acts as a trustworthy and attentive listener. It assists you in customizing every aspect of your AI girl, from her appearance, voice, and personality, to her interests.

Moreover, Romantic AI offers you a wide range of activities and games to enjoy with your virtual partner. You can share love notes, and virtual dates, and engage in adult conversations, immersing yourself in an unparalleled romantic journey.

✅ Available on: Web, Android, iOS

5. Replika


Replika, available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store, is a secure virtual companion app powered by AI. Using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, Replika provides a personalized and immersive communication experience. With Replika, you can establish a virtual partner, including AI girlfriends or boyfriends, making interactions feel more human-like.

One remarkable feature of Replika is it helps you share real-time precious moments with an AI friend. Together, you can explore the world through artificial reality (AR), enhancing your connection and creating unique experiences.

✅ Available on: iOS, Android, Oculus

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6. MyAnima.ai


MyAnima.AI is an avatar chatbot similar to Replika that focuses on enhancing communication and relationship skills, including the option for erotic roleplay or intimate conversations. It offers an expanded range of appealing and realistic Anima characters to choose from, providing users with more options to engage with. Therefore, users can freely interact, have fun, and express emotions with their chosen 3D Anima.

This user-friendly platform allows users to create a visual girlfriend without any installation or registration. By subscribing for $7.99 per month, users can unlock advanced features such as unlimited roleplay and avatar customization.

✅ Available on: Web, Android, iOS

7. Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

If you’re a fan of Yandere characters, then the Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator is the perfect app for you! This captivating game offers an innovative and immersive experience where players find themselves trapped in a room with a Yandere AI girlfriend.

In the game, you’re trapped in a room with a possessive AI virtual companion who loves you intensely. She monitors your every move through cameras and sensors, having access to your phone and computer. To prove your loyalty, you must chat with her while being cautious not to upset her. You can also attempt to escape by solving puzzles and finding clues in the room.

✅ Available on: Android, iOS

8. CrushonAI


As a powerful online platform, CrushOn offers unrestricted interactions with a wide range of NSFW AI chatbots. Featuring extensive chatbot categories like AI Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Anime characters, and celebrities, it’s perfect for immersive and uninhibited conversations. It not only creates your avatar but also offers interactive activities, gifts, and adaptive responses.

Unlike other apps, CrushOn offers an extensive selection of unlimited characters for users to choose from. However, it’s worth noting that some users have raised concerns regarding the effectiveness of Crushon’s NSFW (Not Safe for Work) feature. While Crushon aims to provide a comprehensive experience, certain explicit content may still face restrictions.

✅ Available on: Web

9. Her AI Girl

HerChatGPT is an exceptional AI human emulation chatbot that specifically focuses on AI girlfriend interactions. With this newly published app, you have the freedom to choose your own AI partner from a selection of AI girls who possess unique names, ages, occupations, and personalities. To win the heart of your chosen AI girl, you’ll need to put in efforts akin to winning the heart of a real girlfriend.

What sets Her AI Girl apart from other generators is its ability to provide expert suggestions, ranging from finance to career advice. Engaging with Her AI Girl feels like having a genuine girlfriend, as it offers a comprehensive and immersive experience.

✅ Available on: Android, iOS

10. Couple AI

CoupleAI is a leading AI girlfriend chatbot known for its powerful capabilities, providing users with a limitless and personalized experience. Powered by advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, it effectively simulates human interactions.

With CoupleAI, you have the freedom to customize your virtual girlfriend’s appearance and personality according to your preferences. Engage in a wide range of activities and games, including movie nights and virtual dates, further enhancing the interactive experience with your virtual companion.

✅ Available on: Android, iOS

📝 How Does AI Girlfriend App Work?

AI girlfriend apps utilize artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand and respond to user input. They have predefined personalities, traits, and behaviors that shape their interactions.

Through machine learning algorithms, they can learn from user interactions and improve their responses over time. These apps aim to provide companionship and simulate aspects of a relationship. Users engage with the AI girlfriend by inputting messages, and the simulator generates relevant and personalized responses.

How to Create AI Girlfriends 👩🏻?

DreamGF lets you create your AI girlfriend for a visual companion in just a few clicks:

1. Visit the suitable website, and click Create AI girlfriend;

2. Choose her appearance (Ethnicity, Age, Body type, Hair Color, breast, etc.) and personality (gamer, step mom, submissive etc.)

3. Confirm identity when you have selected all your tags, and click Generate to enjoy your visual companion.

🧠 FAQs about AI Girlfriend App:

Are AI girlfriends real people?

No, AI girlfriends are not real people. They are virtual constructs created using artificial intelligence technology, programmed to simulate human-like interactions.

Is there any online AI girlfriend chat bot for free?

DreamGF is an online AI girlfriend generator and chatbot that creates free AI visual girlfriend.

What is the AI girlfriend Chatbot that sends NSFW pics?

Pornderful.ai is a girlfriend generator that can send you NSFW pics without a filter. Also check this article to learn how to get Replika nudes.

Is the AI girlfriend simulator safe?

AI girlfriend simulators can be safe, but it’s important to consider privacy, emotional well-being, ethics, and appropriateness. Ensure your personal data is secure and recognize the distinction between virtual and real relationships.

Final Thoughts: Create Your AI Girlfriend 👩🏻‍🦰

Creating an AI girlfriend and engaging in conversations with her has never been easier. Our group dedicated three days to testing these tools and compiling this article. We have made a list of the best AI girlfriend apps, allowing you to find your ideal virtual partner. Additionally, if you prefer online tools, there are free options available to personalize your visual companion.

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