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12 Free AI Clothes Remover to See Naked


Want to remove the clothes of your dream girl and generate lifelike nudes? AI clothes remover enables you to see anyone naked by uploading a single photo.

What Is AI Clothes Remover?

An AI clothes remover is a computer program or application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to digitally remove clothing from an image or video, revealing what’s underneath. It works by recognizing and isolating the clothing in the image and then generating a modified version of the image where the clothing appears to be removed.

In this post, we will delve into a list of 12 AI clothing removers and showcase how these tools can undress pictures with convincing results.

12 Best AI Clothes Removers That Blow Your Mind

Clothes RemoverRatingBest for
1. PornX.ai5.0/5.0Best Pick for all
2. Pornderful4.9/5.0Remove clothing from generated images
3. DreamGF4.9/5.0Remove clothes from AI girlfriend
4. Deepswap4.9/5.0Face swap
5. Pornjourney4.9/5.0Remove clothes from generated girls
6. Soulgen4.7/5/0AI clothing remover from prompt
7. DeepNude.cc4.7/5/0deep nude
8. Remover. App4.6/5.0Remove for free
9. Magic Eraser4.7/5.0Erase unwanted objects
10. Undress.ai4.6/5.0Undress from photos
11. RetouchMe.app4.7/5.0AI clothing removal app
12. Remove BG4.5/5.0Remove background

1. Pornx.ai


PornX is a free AI clothes remover that offers a seamless way to undress any girl from photos within seconds!

Simply upload your image, employ their intelligent selection tool to outline the clothing area, and there – the clothing disappears, leaving a realistic and consistent result every time.

Feel free to experiment with PornX, whether it’s playfully trying it out on photos of friends or your beloved celebrities. However, please remember to respect others’ privacy when sharing such images publicly. Pornx.ai leverages state-of-the-art AI to provide an effortless, ethical, and entertaining experience.

Our experience with this AI dress remover:

Left ImageRight Image

2. Pornderful


Pornderful is akin to having an all-powerful genie at your beck and call, ready to craft exquisite female characters tailored to your desires. We proudly claim the title of the foremost artificial intelligence girl undresser, owing to our incredible text-to-image prowess, swift performance, and the capability to bring your favorite girls to life in diverse scenarios.

Once you’ve fashioned your ideal real or anime girl, you gain mastery over every facet of her demeanor with just a few keystrokes. A simple click of the button reveals an exclusive, top-tier image meticulously crafted by SoulGen – enchanting anime girls brought to life by seasoned professionals!

3. DreamGF


Meet DreamGF, your own powerful AI girlfriend generator, dedicated to creating stunning female characters that match your preferences. It is recognized as the best AI sexting website because of its explicit text generation, personalized girlfriend, and ability to bring your visual lover to life in immersive chat.

Once you’ve meticulously created your ideal female character, you wield complete control over every facet of her persona. By sending a photo request, you can easily remove the clothes of your favorite girl.

4. Deepswap


Explore the amusing world of DeepSwap, a free AI-powered website that allows you to effortlessly exchange the clothing of two individuals depicted in your uploaded photos. Prepare to be entertained as you watch your boss transform into a sumo wrestler or witness your best friend sporting a swashbuckling pirate costume.

DeepSwap harnesses the power of neural networks, meticulously trained on a vast array of images, to seamlessly transmute attire between people. It preserves intricate details such as shadows, wrinkles, and folds, ensuring a remarkably realistic result. While perfection isn’t guaranteed, you’re certain to be amused by the hilarious outcomes it produces.

5. Pornjourney


Pornjourney is an AI porn generator that empowers you to create images of virtually anyone you can imagine. This versatile generator can bring your visions to life, whether it’s based on your text input, a selection of tags, categories, or artistic styles. Pornjourney leverages deep learning algorithms in constant refinement, ensuring the delivery of unique and authentic results.

With Pornjourney, you have the option to modify or change the clothing of the images you’ve generated. This in-browser tool offers a diverse range of customization options, providing both anime and real-life portraits while delivering high-quality results. Simply upload an image or select one from your upload history, then pinpoint the specific area you wish to alter. Whether you want to undress portions of clothing, change their colors, or modify specific areas, Pornjourney offers the tools to bring your creative visions to life.

6. Soulgen


This free AI image generator offers realistic or anime-style results based on your creative prompts. You can input descriptive text to convey the characteristics of the individual you envision, and let the AI bring your vision to life. Additionally, this AI image generator provides the option to edit or enhance the generated image, allowing you to fully realize your imaginative concepts.

7. DeepNude.cc

Deepnude.cc is an AI-powered dress alteration tool that offers impeccable results and swift clothing adjustments. This tool adeptly tailors and adapts clothing to the subject’s contours, delivering outcomes of unparalleled quality.

In contrast to conventional image editing methods, Deepnude.cc refrains from altering pixels, guaranteeing a seamless transformation. Users can anticipate a seamless and lifelike dress alteration experience with this advanced AI model.”

8. Remover. App

Remover.App, widely recognized for its background removal prowess, also excels as an AI clothes remover website. Its fully automated process effortlessly handles an unlimited number of images, simplifying background removal tasks. Slazzer caters to users with a range of options, including an online platform, a desktop app, and API access, ensuring flexibility and user-friendliness.

In addition to its exceptional background removal capabilities, it offers a wealth of useful supplementary functions. Users can swiftly incorporate various backgrounds into their photos, transforming them into captivating visual narratives. Furthermore, the tool rapidly identifies subjects in photos, streamlining and expediting the editing process.

9. Magic Eraser

This intelligent AI removal tool empowers you to effortlessly eliminate unwanted objects and items from your photos. It excels at removing watermarks and other unwanted elements, all without the need for expert Photoshop skills. It operates fully on AI automation, delivering results that meet your satisfaction with a 100% automated process.

10. Undress.ai

Have some cheeky fun with an AI clothes remover free app that can digitally undress people in pictures! This AI website and app use device understanding to catch sight of and remove garments from images. Just upload an image and the AI will automatically strip down the people in the photo.

Some of the choices use neural networks instructed on thousands of images to identify and remove clothing with incredible precision. The outcomes can be hilariously amusing. Give it a try – you might be amazed at how well these AI cloth removers work their charm! But do be conscious that using someone’s photo without approval could be seen as an infringement of their privacy.

11. RetouchMe.app

RetouchMe, the AI-powered clothing removal tool, provides a comprehensive suite of photo editing services tailored to your needs. With RetouchMe, users can meticulously enhance their photographs by eliminating imperfections, adjusting body proportions, brightening teeth, refining skin texture, and applying cosmetic enhancements. Overall, this software leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and edit photos in real-time, ensuring swift and effective retouching solutions.

12. Remove BG

Remove BG stands out as one of the most renowned free AI-powered websites for effortlessly eliminating backgrounds from images.

With Remove BG, you can simply upload your image, and its advanced AI technology will swiftly analyze it and seamlessly remove the background within seconds. The resulting image maintains a remarkably natural appearance as if the background never existed. You can then download the edited image with a transparent background, ready for your creative use.

Moreover, Remove BG’s AI capabilities are truly remarkable, excelling in detecting people, objects, and intricate details like hair, and even handling complex images featuring multiple subjects against diverse backgrounds. The best part? It’s entirely free to use and doesn’t require any sign-up process. If you’re in search of a quick and hassle-free solution to remove backgrounds from your photos, Remove BG deserves to be at the top of your list!

FAQs about AI Clothes Remover:

1. What is the accuracy of AI clothes removal?

The level of accuracy in AI clothing removal varies depending on the specific tool and the image being processed.

2. Is it legal to use AI clothing remover on someone else’s pictures?

It is generally not legal to use AI dress removers on someone else’s photos without their consent, as it can infringe upon privacy laws and ethical principles.

3. Is there a free AI clothing removal?

Yes, PornX.ai can remove dresses or clothes from uploaded photos for free.

Bottom Line: Use AI Clothes Remover in The Correct Way

The advent of AI has made it possible to fulfill the dream of removing clothing from photos. Our team has dedicated over 70 hours to researching various websites offering this capability. We aim to provide you with comprehensive insights into each tool’s features, advantages, and disadvantages.

However, it’s equally crucial to acknowledge the legal and ethical concerns that may arise from such technology. We strongly urge you to use AI clothing removal responsibly and in compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards.

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