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5 AI Face Generators from Photos and Text Without Sign Up

Whether you want to see yourself in a different style, create a cartoon lookalike, or find a new reference for your next portrait drawing, an AI face generator can bring your vision to life. These tools have become so advanced that AI-generated faces are often indistinguishable from real people. They can be used as the face of your brand, your profile picture, or even as concept art for films or games.

With many apps available for creating AI-generated faces, choosing the right one can be challenging. To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best AI face generators.

What is an AI face generator?

An AI face generator is a technology that uses deep learning to create realistic human faces. It consists of two components: a generator that produces new face images and a discriminator that evaluates their realism. Through iterative training with a large dataset of human faces, the AI learns to generate convincing and unique faces. These faces can be customized by altering attributes like gender, age, or ethnicity.

5 AI Face Generators from Photos and Text Without Sign Up

1. ThisPersonDoesNotExist


ThisPersonDoesNotExist is a well-known AI face generator that employs machine learning algorithms to produce realistic human faces. By utilizing a dataset of actual human faces, the platform creates new images that are virtually indistinguishable from real photos. Users can generate these images with just a click.

Exploring the Tool

I decided to try out this tool myself. One appealing aspect is the ability to generate image previews without needing to provide credit card details. Payment is required only for the images you choose to download. While there is a free download option available, it comes with a watermark and is limited to personal use.

I set parameters for the face I wanted to create, including gender, age, and ethnicity. However, I wasn’t entirely impressed with the results. For instance, I specified an age range of 25-35, but the generated face appeared to be in their late 40s.

Features of ThisPersonDoesNotExist

AI-Generated Faces: Generates realistic human faces that do not belong to real individuals.

Randomization: Each page refresh generates a new, unique face.

Realism: Faces often exhibit high-quality and detailed features, closely resembling actual human faces.

Diversity: Provides a wide range of ethnicities, ages, genders, and other facial attributes.

Privacy: Generated faces do not correspond to any real individuals, ensuring privacy and anonymity.

Educational Purposes: Demonstrates the capabilities of AI in generating realistic human faces, highlighting advancements in machine learning and deep learning.

Non-Commercial Use: Typically, the generated faces are available for non-commercial use, allowing users to explore and experiment for personal or educational purposes.

2. Artguru


Artguru is an advanced AI face generator utilizing deep learning algorithms to create customizable avatars. Users can adjust attributes such as age, head pose, skin tone, and emotions. The platform supports both photo and text inputs for generating AI faces, requiring users to upload their images or selfies and specify gender. Additionally, Artguru allows batch processing to obtain multiple images simultaneously.


Customize avatars across 10 different styles to suit specific characteristics.

Select the aspect ratio for images generated via text-to-image functionality.


Generating AI faces from text and photos can be time-consuming.

The Unique Real-Time Face Generator is a mobile app perfect for smartphone users to swiftly generate AI-generated faces of men, women, and children from various races and styles. Visit the random face generator site, upload a photo, select its parameters, and create a fake AI face from scratch.


Super-Fast: Ideal for quickly generating multiple AI faces.

Regular Updates: Constant software updates to better serve users’ needs.


Occasional Unresponsiveness: Can sometimes be unresponsive, affecting processing speed.

Subscription Required: A monthly subscription of $16.58 or a yearly subscription of $199 is necessary to get unlimited high-resolution AI-generated images.

3. Veed.io


Veed.io is an AI-powered tool for video editing, designed to provide the fastest and most innovative editing experience. In addition to its extensive video editing features, Veed.io also offers AI face generation, transforming your ideas into expressive digital images. The AI feature can convert text into images with three resolution options: 256×256, 512×512, and 1024×1024, and supports various styles including oil paintings, cyberpunk, and 3D.


High-Quality Resources: Offers a wide range of professional, high-quality resources.

Convenient and Advanced Features: Known for its user-friendly, fast, and innovative capabilities.


Sound Removal Limitation: The tool removes all sound from the video instead of just the background noise.

4. Fotor


Fotor is an AI-powered face randomizer that generates natural-looking and unique human faces. With a simple text prompt describing the desired fake AI face, you can create realistic and stylistic AI-generated faces. You can specify details such as makeup, eye color, and glasses. Fotor offers various styles, including 3D, cyberpunk, illustration, painting, and more.


Free Tool: Users have access to over 100 styles, filters, and effects without any cost.

Multi-Lingual Support: The platform supports multiple languages, which is beneficial for non-English users.


No Edit History: If you log out without saving, you cannot recover your previous edits. While some users may appreciate their data being deleted, others might prefer the ability to access unfinished work before it gets erased.

Mandatory Signup: You must sign up before using this free AI face generator.

5. Picsart


Picsart is an image and video editor offering multiple features, including the ability to create random faces with unique facial expressions. This online tool generates more than just fake faces; it can also create anime and illustration styles. The Picsart AI Face Generator allows for the creation of one-of-a-kind AI-generated faces to fulfill various needs on social platforms. Additionally, you can add accessories, makeup, and scars to achieve highly customized images.


Brand Identity: Helps add logos to users’ videos, ensuring brand identity.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Efficiently edit images and videos on mobile phones, making it versatile and convenient.


Bug Issues: Does not consistently fix bugs, leading to server errors while loading images.

AI Face Generator-Related Questions

How Does AI Generate Faces?

AI generates faces using neural networks that analyze and understand facial characteristics. These networks employ various algorithms to create realistic faces. Users can provide text prompts or upload their own images, allowing the AI to learn and generate a new, lifelike portrait.

What Are the Uses of AI-Generated Faces?

AI-generated faces serve various personal and professional purposes, including:

Gaming Characters: Creating unique and realistic characters for video games.

Concept Designs: Visualizing ideas and concepts in diverse fields.

Marketing Personas and Advertising Images: Designing personas and promotional visuals.

Educational Materials: Enhancing learning materials with visual aids.

Professional Portraits: Producing high-quality portraits for business and personal use.

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